Internship Experience @ Bagga & Diwan Associates, Chandigarh: Work on Civil and Criminal Cases, Rated 9/10

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Bagga & Diwan Associates, Chandigarh

Application Process with contact details

A friend of mine who had interned there previously sent a recommendation Mail to Adv. B. B. Bagga along with my CV and cover letter.

Duration of internship and timings

1st July, 2015 to 21st July, 2015

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

The office is not that big, upon entering you will find two large desks adjacent to each other where both Bagga and Diwan sir would sit and work. The day I first entered the office Bagga sir was attending to a client so he told me to go and sit in the inside library and have a glass of water from the fridge and wait for him.

Then after about 15-20 minutes he came and spoke with me and made me feel comfortable about the surroundings and explained to me what all I’ll be doing during the course of my internship. That interaction eased me up a little and made me realize that Sir was a very humble person.

Main tasks

Main tasks were mainly about research where I worked on various cases from criminal to civil and DRT cases.

Work environment and people

It was a very friendly environment where the interns were treated as a part of the Organization and our work was appreciated. On the last day of the Internship, the Partners take you out on a lunch to a 5 star hotel.

Best things

Even with the friendly environment prevailing, emphasis was always given on work being finished on time and the work you do as intern is very well appreciated and at every step you had the guidance of either of the Partners who would sit you down and make you understand something with such ease and grace.

Bad things

Could not find any.



Biggest Lessons

Working there I learnt that you might have a big name and you might be very well respected in your professional life but unless and until you are humble and well aware of your roots, all of the above mentioned things don’t matter.

I Learnt from the way the Partners interacted with the clients, the interns, their associates even the postman who came to deliver the mail to their office.

Overall Rating



I stayed in a PG in sector 27. I had a friend who lives in Chandigarh who tied up with the PG owner for me.

Office Timings

The timings were relaxed. I would reach The office at 9:45. Start my work at 10 and leave by 5:30-6.


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