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Internship @ Babu & Babu Advocates, Kochi: Good Work and Work Environment, Lots of Lessons


Name. Name of College. Year. 

Aishwarya Ramachandran, School of Legal Studies, Cochin University, 2nd year B.B.A., LL.B. (HONS.)

Name of the organization

Babu & Babu Advocates, Kochi, Team strength: 9 (A senior Advocate, 5 junior associates and 3 assistants.

Application process

I got admitted as an intern through a personal contact of my friend.

But I believe you can apply by mailing your request along with your CV to this id: [email protected]

Duration and timings

My internship was for about half a month i.e. starting from 1st of June to 16th June.


9:00 a.m till 5:00 p.m

First impression, First day formalities, Infrastructure.

 My internship began on 1st June at the office of Babu & Babu Advocates. Being a first year student, I was a complete amateur in the field of law. And this being my first internship ever, I was totally in for a surprise.

The office is at a distance of hardly 3 mins from the High Court of Kerala.  It is adjacent to his home.  The highlight of the office is his library which contains law books of all sorts.

We were welcomed with ever so friendly smiles. The head of the organisation Jaju Babu Sir asked us for our introductions and then after some formalities he introduced us to our mentors who helped and guided us sincerely. We were then given case files to read. After a gap of half an hour we were provided with a sheet of paper with a mix of no.s and alphabets inscribed in it.

At first we didn’t have any idea what to do with it, as this was our first internship and we weren’t familiar with the court procedure. It was then that our mentor informed us that it was our schedule for the day, and that we had to attend cases as scheduled in that piece of paper. We had around 18 cases that day which were all being held at different court rooms. We were then ushered to the High Court.

One after the other, we kept running from one court room to the other. It took us sometime to get acquainted with the court procedure. But once we got the hang of it, it became quite enjoyable.

Even then I kept wondering how our sir managed to keep up with so many cases per day. The answer to which I realized, lies in a person’s drive to do a thing. If you are that passionate about a thing or your profession (as in this case) then I realize that nothing can tire you.

Main Tasks

Our foremost task was to attend all the hearings of Writ Petitions (Civil), Writ Appeals, Original Petitions (Civil), Regular Second Appeals, Land Acquisition Appeals and Contempt of Court cases at the High Court of Judicature of Kerala.

Then, like all other internships we had to “research”. We were given interesting prepositions on the Fundamental Rights like on Article 21 etc and we had to find case laws on them.

This place is perfect for a person who’s new to internships or to a person who is in his first year or so because High Court mainly deals with the Constitution which is indeed a fist year subject and can be quite interesting.

I had a wonderful time going through the case laws relating to the Fundamental Rights, it raised my level of thinking and it has also altered my approach towards the Rights and Duties given in it. Now, I find myself thinking about it from a whole different perspective.

Work Environment, People

 The ambience and the people were really encouraging and supportive. They all enjoyed the work they did. Nobody had a poignant face or a bad temper. And we weren’t expected to do things perfectly as we were first years. They were ever ready to correct us when we were wrong.

Best Things

The High Courts are also known as the Constitutional Courts of the country. As a result you will be able to ponder upon the constitutional provisions of freedom and rights. You will also get an opportunity to go through different books of the Indian Constitution which may in turn help you in your studies.

The Kerala High Court is a place where a lot of seminars and events take place.

During my tenure of 16 days at the High Court, I was lucky enough to attend a seminar on environment protection which was held on June 5th(environment day) and also a retirement ceremony of a Judge, mainly because our sir was kind enough to excuse us from work for that period.

Bad Things

 You will have to reserve extra time for travelling, no matter how close you are because the traffic near the High Court can be very time consuming and tiring.


 There is no stipend. But, the knowledge I received from there is priceless.

Biggest Lesson

I noticed that no case was missed or no hearing was left unattended in spite of having so many cases per day. The efficient coordination and the brilliant team work of the organization are commendable.

The most important thing is that each and every member of the team did their bit happily without a sulking face.

Another priceless lesson I got, was from my Advocate Jaju Babu, he taught me not to give up, no matter whatever happens. Even if a case is adjourned or postponed for the 10th time, he’ll still have a broad smile on his face which will clear any sign of doubt or uncertainty in the minds of his employees.

The entry was a part of the Summer Internship Experience Writing Competition organized by LexisNexis and Lawctopus. MyLaw.net was the learning partner for the competition.

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