Internship Experience @ B & M Associates, Trichy: Interact with Clients, Observe Court Proceedings

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B & M Associates, Trichy

Application Process with contact details

I had contacted them and spoke to them over the phone for obtaining an internship. The same can be done by anyone who wishes to apply. Their contact details are available on the internet.

Duration of internship and timings

June 2016

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

First day, I had to be present at the Court by 10:00 AM. I was given instructions as to what to do the previous day. I had interned under Advocate Manju, a graduate from NUALS, Kochi. The first day was mostly just observations of Court Proceedings.

The first court I observed was the Family Court. There were so many women and men outside waiting for their case to be called. I was asked to be present in black and white attire everyday.

After the day at Court, I was asked to visit Advocate Manju’s office at around 5 PM. This visit was very useful as I was briefed with Court Proceedings and when she had the time, she even taught me Family law.

Main tasks

The main task I was given was to check the diary entries and note down the same in the case files. I also had to remind ma’am the case that would have hearing the next day.

I mostly had the opportunity to observe Court Proceedings. This was very helpful for me since I was only in my first year at the time. I was also taught how to file cases and interim applications.

Work environment and people

Most of the work I did was on my own. However, I was given explanations on how to carry out my duties the previous evening.

While at Court, I had to work with Ma’am’s junior who also kept teaching me things and explaining court proceedings.

If I had any clarifications, I would immediately call one of them and they would always address my issues calmly and patiently with intricate detail.

I was never asked to do something very complicated for a first year student. They were very kind to me and at the same time, they gave me space to learn new things by giving me new tasks e very day.

At Court, I had the opportunity to communicate with Court workers, advocates and even Judges which was amazing for me.

Best things

1. I had the opportunity to communicate with Judges at the District Court and also a few extraordinary advocates.

2. I learnt how to file a case and proceed with the same, I also had the chance to gain complete understanding of ADRs.

3. I had an amazing mentor who still extends help when I’m in need.

4. I had the opportunity to interact with clients.

Bad things

The bad thing was the constant boycotting of Courts. This deprived me of the opportunity to learn more things. Sometimes, other advocates would ask me to leave Court grounds and join them in their boycotting.

I also felt bad for all the people who would appear at Court just to be given another hearing date because of the boycotts. Most of them didn’t even know why the boycotts took place. There was so much delay and inconvenience caused to the general public.


No stipend

Biggest Lessons

Working with clients is not easy. They care less about the situation and expect the advocates to handle everything without even being present at Court.

The Courts are also very slow at disposing cases. Litigation is exciting and thrilling with new adventures everyday.


Accommodation wasn’t an issue for me since I reside at Trichy. However, one can find several PGs to stay at in Trichy.

Office Timings

There were no standard timings as such. I had to be present at Court everyday by 10 AM.

I usually had to stay till the hearing for the cases undertaken by her had been completed. Later, I would have to visit her office.

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