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Internship @ AZB & Partners, Noida: Great Work Culture, Good Work, No Stipend


Name. College. Year of Study

Rohan Mukherjee, Third Year, National Law University Odisha

Name of the organisation. City

AZB & Partners, Noida

How big was the office? Team strength?

The AZB office is in a three-storey building. Yes, the entire building is their office. The ground floor had the reception area, waiting hall, snazzy conference rooms- all named after different genres of music.

The first and second floors were where the associates sat. They had their own cubicles and the Partners offices were situated in these floors too. The interns occupied both these floors.

There was also a basement, which consisted of the library and the IPR department. I didn’t really do a head count, but if I had to pick a number, I would go with 100 associates (maximum).

Application procedure. Internship contact details

You have to send a mail to the recruitment team with specific details of your internship. Also, mail it at least 6 months in advance of your intended period- this is one of the top law firms, your shining CV will just be a speck in their mailbox if you don’t follow up.

Mr. Hardeep Sachdeva was in charge of the interns so you can drop a mail at:

[email protected]; or try this address- [email protected]

Duration in weeks. No. of days/week. Timings

The internship period has to be for a minimum of 4 weeks. Every alternate Saturday was off.

Interns had to reach the office building by 10:00 am if I had to go by the book, but it could be extended by around 30 minutes. Still, you don’t want to make a habit out of turning up late. I mean, it is AZB & Partners, and impressions, punctuality, discipline and all the jazz matter.

Of course, interns could leave office depending on their work that day. So there were days when I left at 6:30 pm and there were days when I had to leave at 9:45 pm. There was one intern who usually went back at/after midnight (for God knows what reason).

Accommodation: how, where, how was it?

I stayed at my relative’s place at Sector 50, Noida. Do not stay in central Delhi or anywhere outside Noida since travelling will be expensive, and time consuming. There are PGs and apartments available in Sector 15, or anywhere in Noida for that matter. Metro makes it really easy to commute. The office itself is at a walking distance from the Metro station.

First impression. First day, formalities etc.

The entire staff at AZB was extremely chilled out. Right from the receptionists to the partners. Very helpful and ‘intern friendly’.

A formal attire was compulsory (I had to come up with clumsy excuses for wearing jeans to office). I was shown to my place where the interns sat. Laptops were not allowed and everyone had a system for himself/herself, unless there was a sudden surge of interns.

Main tasks 

Usually you are picked up by any Associate if you are free and given basic clerical work; but once you show a certain amount of interest, say I was interested in Competition Law and IPR- hence, I concentrated on doing significant amount of work for the Associates in these departments.

From doing preliminary and extensive research, to drafting a reply notice, and making calls to clients or other concerned parties, it was all there.

Work environment, people

This is the best part. In a law firm of the status of AZB & Partners, you’d expect majority of the employees to be nose deep in work right? Wrong. They have the considerable amount of freedom and flexibility when it comes to their work, and after talking to some of the Associates, it is very clear that they really enjoy their work environment- and it clearly shows!

When they work, they are extremely professional about all of it, and when they chill out, they take that seriously too.

Best things?

The work. Some of the work really makes you feel like your contribution matters. Also, as said before, the people there. Rest assured you will want to return for a Round 2.

Bad things?

Some of the clerical work got boring, and trust me, at days when you had no work at hand and had to literally beg for any work, the day didn’t seem to end. But this is just a minor spot.

What did you do to chill? Co-interns, colleagues

There are small stalls around the office building since that area is newly developed service area. The canteen does serve unlimited mugs of coffee/tea so that is all I had in majority (miserly little punk that I am). There is no food sold in the office canteen, but you can get your tiffin and use the microwave to heat it up.

Stipend/ month

No stipend is given currently in the AZB Noida office

Anything else you’d like to tell

Opportunities. AZB & Partners, Noida might not give any stipend or offer PPOs but you have to grab any opportunity that comes your way in the form of visiting Associates from the Mumbai/Pune/Bangalore offices.

Because if you do well under them, and in general gel well with them, you could could increase your chances of interning at their office. So that’s a win. Plus, it’s YOUR win. Because it is not your uncle’s contact, it it YOUR contact. Peace.

Biggest lessons

Working (or pretending to work) has it’s benefits and rewards. Also, being professional in this field is never really emphasized enough. Treat professionalism as an attribute of sex appeal. Don it with pride.

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  1. Hello,

    Useful notes and writing. I cannot see their website. Could you please provide the email id where I can send my resume for Mumbai/Pune region? Thanks

  2. Man, you’re a chiller 😛 . I will be interning under AZB and Partners in the month of June so this was pretty useful. Thanks 🙂

    1. Can a fresher (1st year without any experience ) apply for internship ??
      And what are the criteria for section?

  3. Dear Sir/Madam

    No comments but appreciation from our behalf that you are providing full services to your clients. Please find my resume and consider my services also for which we would be thankful to you.

    Thnnking you.

    Sanjay Kumar, Adv.,

  4. Does AZB has any websites of its own where i can get detailed infos about them….



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