Internship @ AZB Partners, Mumbai

Internship @ AZB, Mumbai (Law Firm)

Name of the intern: Purushottam Anand, NLU Delhi, 4th year

How to apply: Apply to [email protected] at least 5-6 months before the desired period of internship.

Duration/timings: 4 weeks, 5 days a week (alternate Saturdays are working), 10.30 am to 7.30 pm. For interns, it is fine if you reach by 11.30. Needless to mention that as happens in any other law firm (at least the ones I know about) you never know when are you are gonna leave the office that day.

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Zia Mody

First impression: The AZB internship was my first law-firm internship, I was a little apprehensive about the internship in the beginner. Gradually work started pilling up and along with that I didn’t even realize how I started enjoying the work.

Accommodation: I stayed at one uncle’s place in Borivali. I had to spend around one and a half hour each way in travelling, but I preferred this inconvenience over the troubles of hunting for a PG (and also cause everyone likes a free-lunch).

Main tasks: I started my work with some research on property law. Then I mostly spent my time working with Competition Law team and researched on many aspects of competition in a market.

I was also part of a due-diligence team which went to a leading TV Channel (I better respect the confidentially clause) and studied different types of agreements related to entertainment laws.

Work environment: AZB has a great working culture, associates are very approachable and friendly.

They don’t even let you call address them as call ‘Sir/Ma’am’. Associates/Senior Associates listen to interns, take their opinion and appreciate their good work. But, along with this recognition comes the fact that you cannot pass the buck.

Best things: In the AZB office, of course there were seniors, but there was no immediate boss. We had deadlines, but no one to stop us from taking a break whenever we felt like. So, I liked this autonomy, which was of course regulated by the deadlines.

Stipend: Rs. 3000/month

Rating: 9/10

Other things: In AZB, you get as much work as you can/want (to) take and also you get recognition for you work. so, if you have the enthusiasm to work hard and the passion to get noticed, this is “the place” for you.

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