Virtual Internship Experience at Youth Empowerment Foundation: Great Social work and Awareness Programmes


Name of the intern

Sawai Sharma

Name of your college

School of Law, Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra.

Name of the course and year of study

BB. A LL. B (Hons) | 1st year

Name and address of the organisation

Youth Empowerment Foundation, 3426B, 3rd Floor, Mahindra Park, Rani Bagh, Pitam Pura, Delhi – 110034.

Duration of internship

From: 30/08/2021 Till: 30/09/2021

How did you apply for the internship?

I visited the Youth Empowerment Foundation website and sent my CV to their email id

First day formalities, infrastructure, first impression

On the very first day, we had an online conference in which we interacted with the human resource Manager of the Youth Empowerment Foundation.

He explained to us the aim of the foundation, that is, to provide education to underprivileged children. I felt inspired when he told us about the work done by the foundation during the pandemic.

We also learned about the Muskaan initiative in which the foundation provides free stationeries to underprivileged children.

The human resource Manager then divided the interns into groups having 4 members each. After interacting with everyone I realized that everyone was very kind and motivating.

This boosted my confidence and intensified my excitement to work with these people.

Main Tasks

The following are the objectives that I completed in the course of my Internship:

1) Conducted 3 webinars on spreading awareness about child education;

2) Made a presentation on the number system;

3) Conducted a webinar on Cyber Security;

4) Made a poster on Youth Empowerment Foundation;

5) shared my personal experience of helping someone;

6) Raised Fund for the foundation; and

7) Wrote an article on the distribution of sanitary pads.

Work Environment

The work environment was very friendly. Everyone was kind and kept on motivating me to achieve the desired objective.

No matter how silly my doubts were, the HR Manager dealt with them patiently.

My co-interns also were very supportive and cooperative.

Good Things

While most internships in NGOs are focused exclusively on fundraising, this internship provided me with a more holistic experience.

I conducted webinars during my internship, which helped me improve my public speaking abilities.

Bad Things

There were no bad things as such, but I sometimes felt a bit overburdened because I had to manage my internship along with my online classes.

However, I was always given the freedom to choose an alternative.


No stipend was provided.

Details about accommodation and commute

The internship was in a virtual space so no accommodation and commute were provided.

Anything else?

The most important lesson I learned from this internship was that speaking more often will lead to more confidence and ultimately one becomes a better public speaker.



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