Internship @ Trilegal, Delhi: Research Work and Proofreading, No Stipend To Interns with References

Name of Organisation, Location, Team Strength

Trilegal, Delhi, Around 10-20

Application Process

An application along with a covering letter and your CV can be sent to

However I got in through a reference.

Duration of internship and timings

Trilegal expects a minimum internship period of 4 weeks as to learn more and get acquainted with the working atmosphere. However those who get in through a reference are only offered a 2 week internship.

(People who came in through a reference can get their internship period extended which totally depends upon the reviews of the associates you have worked with.)

I interned there for a period of 2 weeks in July.

The office timings are 9:30 AM to 6:30 PM, however if you have work on hand and if its urgent then leaving the office at 6:30 PM is a dream.

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

The office was humongous and well maintained. It had a foreign feel to it. (Only the office had a lavish ambiance, not the intern’s room.)

I was asked to report at 9:30 AM the very first day and was taken to a conference room. There I was given my entire schedule and was made to sign a confidentiality agreement. (An agreement that you don’t even get to read. )

After that I was sent to the intern’s room and asked to wait for a formal introduction with my Mentor. (Mind you, it could take hours or even an entire day.)

Main tasks

Work ranges anything and everything from a mere proof reading of a document to Researching on topics and Rough drafting of various documents.

The time I interned, there was dearth of work and interns used to chill out watching movies or gossiping. However the availability of work is random. Sometimes when work comes, interns don’t even have time to breath.

I myself got very less work and most of my work was proof reading and cross referencing of documents and agreements. Also occasional research work.

Work environment and people

The firm is very chilled out. The associates are friendly with you and will behave nicely unless you screw up some of their assigned tasks. Most of the people working are pretty young and so it is easy to communicate with them.

The interns get a laptop for themselves from the IT Department to work on the assigned tasks and hence no one feels left out because of infrastructure.

Best things

Every member of the office is easily accessible by an intercom. Coffee machine is all over the office which acts as a good incentive. The office is a 5 min walk from Kailash Colony Metro Station and being in the South Delhi vicinity is a plus point in many ways,

Good food being one such point. The intern’s room was the most comfortable place for the interns as no one ever comes to check the interns.

Bad things

The intern’s room is almost pushed outside the office. It is like a servant’s quarter in a remote place within the office premise. The interaction with the associates or anyone else in the office is very less and hence the practical knowledge that could have been gained can only be limited to a certain extent.

Stipend 15K, give or take but only applicable to people who were not admitted by a reference.

Biggest Lessons

Any experience is a good experience. For some one who is a first time intern at a law firm has an ocean of things to learn, How a firm works and what all has to be done to suit the environment etc.

Apart from that, interaction with the co-interns in a big way impacts your working knowledge of the legal field.

The entry was a part of the Summer Internship Experience Writing Competition organized by LexisNexis and Lawctopus. was the learning partner for the competition.

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