Internship @ Transafe Services Limited, Kolkata: Drafting Service Agreements, Rated 9/10, No Stipend


Mukul Sharma, Vth Year, School of Law, KIIT University.

Name of the Organisation. City. Office Address.

TSL- Transafe Services Limited (a Balmer Lawrie Group Co.), Kolkata, W.B.

Address: Balmer Lawrie House (Rear Building), 6th Floor, 21, Netaji Subhas Road, Kolkata- 700 001.

Duration of the Internship. 

May 15, 2014 – June 4, 2014 (Three Weeks) 

How big was the office?Transportation?Team Strength? 

The head office of TSL is situated on the 6th floor of the Balmer Lawrie House (Rear Building) behind the main Balmer Lawrie building on the main road.

The building houses various public sector undertakings (PSUs) having their offices in different floors and therefore the building comes under the ambit of VIP buildings of Kolkata.

Within 1 km range, you can find Calcutta High Court, Civil Court, the Bankshall court, RBI Head office along with main branches of various banks.

The office is 5 minutes away from B.B.D. Bagh Bus stand and 10 minutes away from the Central Metro Station if you take a rickshaw and if you like or prefer to walk then it will take approximately 20 minutes from the Central Metro Station.

The office is spacious and houses approximately 45 working employees. It has one big conference hall for Internal meetings of the company. The building has 2 working lifts. Different departments in the office are separated from each other which makes the point of encroachment lesser.

I was placed in the Legal Department (also includes HR department), which was isolated from all other departments of the company. Legal department of the company consisted of Lawyers, Advocates, Company secretaries and HR Managers.

The office area was well-maintained along with efficient categorization of work and there are divisions for Accounts Department, IT department, Project Department, PR Department, legal Department , HR Department and others.

Kind of Organization

TSL (formerly Indian Container Leasing Company Limited) is a prime mover in domestic container movement and equipment leasing which started its operations way back in 1991. With integrated and competent logistics solutions, the company literally revolutionised the Indian logistics industry.

From containerisation to multimodalism, today the company represents a wider logistics interface. Well-equipped with international accreditations, TSL’s products and equipment efficiently operate through its four Strategic Business Units : Indian Container Leasing, Creative Operations, Glacio Cold Chain Logistics and Indo trailer operations.

Application Procedure? Contact Details for Internship.

The application procedure for internship is very simple but getting a fast response is something which you cannot expect as various applications are sent to TSL on daily basis.

I did my internship at Calcutta but in case if you don’t want to do your internship in Calcutta, I am providing the list of persons to be contacted for internship purposes in different states.

Contact Person: Abhijit Chakraborty (Calcutta)
Email ID:            [email protected]

Contact Person: Mr. Amit Ranjan (New Delhi)
Email ID:             [email protected]
Contact Person: Mr. Arka Sengupta (Mumbai)
Email ID:            [email protected]
Contact Person: Mr. A S Visvaprasad (Chennai)
Email ID:            [email protected]
Contact Person: Mr. Sakthivelu A (Bangalore)
Email ID:            [email protected]

Applications for internship are to be mailed at the above mentioned email ID’s along with your CV/Resume, Covering Letter and your area of interest (which is very important).

 Office Timings. Internship Period.

Working Days: 6 days a week.

Timings:           Monday to Friday 10:00 to 18:00 (Lunch- 13:00 to 14:00), Saturday 10:00 to 14:00

Holidays:          Sundays, 2nd and 4th Saturday and declared public holidays.

Interested candidates should apply for minimum 3 weeks internship. Selected candidates can alter there timings, but with the permission of their mentor (which mostly works if you can trick well).

First Impression. First day formalities, etc.

If your application gets shortlisted, you will be called for an interview (you can expect a telephonic interview also). Do not worry, questions will be based on your CV and your area of interest only, which I don’t think is a big deal for any law student.

If you get a call for interview, the half job is done, the only thing left is to impress the interviewer anyhow so that you are selected over others in the queue.

After selection, you will be asked to provide your Identity card (College ID card or any other card providing your Identity proof) just for the sake of security.

On the first day, you won’t be given any important work, the only thing to do on the first day is to just understand the nature of work of the company and legal areas where the legal department of the company is working (for example Contract drafting, lease agreements, etc.).

The following day which happened to be the first day of my internship in TSL, I was introduced to the legal department and my mentor, who further introduced me to the rest of the working staff of the department.

I was told some important points to remember while working in the legal department as an intern post. The mentor provided me with an orientation briefing of the work related to the legal department and the legal areas which are entrusted upon the legal department of the company.

Main Task(s).  

This is one of those companies that actually has good and decent work to offer its interns. The main tasks includes drafting service agreements, lease agreements, preparing company appraisal reports, research work related to Corporate laws, Banking Laws, etc. There was hardly any task assigned to me which was not interesting enough.

1. Interns are also taken to the court (mostly Calcutta High Court, Civil Court, The Bankshall Court) frequently where we are assigned to prepare the summary of the case and witness the hearing of ongoing company cases in the court.

2. Drafting Agreements (lease agreements, Agreement of service, Agreement for   service, etc.)

3. Preparing Company Appraisal report for the different companies.

4. Using MCA website to extract Company Master Data and other information’s.

5. Research work on amended provisions and rules of Companies Act and changes made thereby in specific provisions.

6. Case study and preparing summaries/notes for the ongoing cases of the company.

Work Environment, People. 

The work environment of the company is friendly with a blend of high professionalism. All the staff was kind and co-operative and some of them were dainty enough to see that the interns learn something after the completion of their internship.

Almost everyone present in the company was approachable for clarification on any doubts. It can be concluded that the work environment is good enough to teach their interns a professional attitude towards work. 


Company does not provide any accommodation or transportation costs to their interns. Since I stay in Kolkata, I traveled from home. However, there are some good PG’s which are available at reasonable rates in nearby places like Central, Badabazaar, and Chandni.

And also in case if you don’t prefer PG, then there are hotels with reasonable rates at Badabazaar Main Road, Park Street and Dharamtala Square. The office of TSL is approx. 25 minutes away from the above mentioned places.

What did you do to chill? Co-interns, colleagues 

I had only one co-intern with me who was pursuing his internship under the CS Department of the company. The best thing about this internship was that it was at “Kolkata”, the place where you have more options to chill out (no offences to other cities).

We had some really good time while sharing our thoughts and debating on some serious national issues with our mentors.

The friendly environment created by our mentors gave us an opportunity to share our points and views freely and frankly. Internship at TSL gave me some really memorable moments to cherish along with learning experiences. 

The Good things. [Nothings all Bad] 

1. Get to work on your specific area of interest and they really provide interesting cases.

2. Friendly and creative atmosphere in the office with the blend of professionalism.

3. No pressure to work hard by getting out of your comfort zone.

4. If you can succeed in impressing the head of the concerned department or the mentor assigned to you, you can expect a PPO from the office. Yaah!! you read it correctly and I mean it.

5. Free to move in and out of the office. (sometimes permission is required for the same but we law students know how to tackle this)

6. Lunch is provided by the company everyday along with Misti Doi (Sweet Curd).

7. Tea/Coffee is also provided (2-3 times a day). 

The Bad things. [Nothings all Good] 

Only the office timings. Its not that bad, but actually it fits in this category. 


No Stipend. You can just earn a magnificent learning experience (which is more valuable). As said by Joyce Carol Oates,“The distinction between “assistant” and “intern” is a simple one: assistants are paid, interns are not. But of course interns are paid, in experience.”

Biggest Lessons.

I wanted to do my internship at a place where I can learn something and not just get a internship certificate, keeping in mind my future perspectives and goals. The internship at TSL was beyond my expectations.

Not only I was treated with utmost respect but also some real legal tasks were assigned to me within the ambit of my interest area which actually counted for me.

Being an intern means that we are at the bottom of the heap– where we have to prove ourselves before landing those plum assignments and paid positions. Its a rite of passage that many people endure.


9/10. [based on the principle of Nothings Perfect”, or else it deserves full on full for sure]

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