scriboard, law firm internship, law school internship, internship experienceName of the organisation, Location (city), Team strength

Scriboard [Advocates & Legal Consultants] Level 2, Elegance, Mathura Road, Jasola, New Delhi

Application process with contact Details

I applied through E-mail  by sending cover letter along with CV to James M. at

Once they will accepts your mail they will write back soon.

Duration, Timings

4 Weeks, Timing was flexible ( Depends on work)

First impression, First day formalities, Infrastructure

On the very first day it was quite good & pleasant experience. Simple Introduction & casual questions regarding interest areas.

Infrastructure was pretty fine but simultaneously with my Internship duration, there was renovation work was going on in the office so it created inconvenience indeed.
Main Tasks

On your call of interest, Associates will assign Projects which would be apt for gaining your knowledge practically. They are strict for project reports in terms of writing method [It should typically follow their style guide] & practical interviews to government authorities.

Work environment, People

Associates are Extremely helpful & co-operative. Timings for contact are flexible during stipulated time of submission of project report. They simply accept your mail or call & assist you as soon as possible.

Best Things

You will get to know so many new things of your own interest. Interns were bound to submit report on the time as they were strict on their terms. You can ask suggestion as many times you want. Working on practical note on which they are dealing with their clients makes you aware of new shape of law.

Bad Things

Not bad actually, but as they were not able to run their office because of  renovation, there was no work for few days.


No stipend.

Biggest Lessons

The way in which associates, specially James M. assist interns was marvelous. Discipline, healthy environment, projects all these makes you work in an absolute & in refined way.

Any Other Thing


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