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Internship at National Human Rights Commission, New Delhi: We told the kids to turn their dreams into reality. They listened to us very patiently


Name of the Intern. College

Rohan Garg, Government Law College, Mumbai


National Human Rights Commission


1st July to 5th July, 2013


I interned with National Human Rights Commission for a period of 15 days from 1st July to 15th July, 2013.

There is no stipend for short-term internship program of National Human Rights Commission. The internship experience was great.


You can apply all year round for this internship and the method of applying has been given on their website HERE.


The first two days of the internship, we were briefed about the working of National Human Rights Commission and how it helps to protect the people whose rights are violated against the state.

In these two days, we were also given lectures by Senior Advocate of Supreme Court and High Court, the Chairman of NHRC, the head of Investigation Department, etc.

We were also educated about the rights of a person like the rights of women, rights of a child, etc. The next day we were taken to a NGO Prayas which engages in imparting completely free education to the children from the families belonging to Economically Weaker Section and backward class of the society.

We were shown a documentary over there and were given a tour of the place. We interacted with the children over there. For the next seven days, we were allotted open shelters which come under Prayas, Juvenile Home and branches of the NGO and were told to help the institutions in whichever way we can. I was allotted an open shelter in Kutcha Pundit.

I was a bit skeptical to go to such a place. We entered the choking lanes of Kutcha Pundit which were very filthy. As I was walking down the lane, I couldn’t believe my eyes.

national human rights commission internship
The burden of carrying forward human rights might be heavy, but you got to try

The condition of people living in Kutcha Pundit is horrible. As we entered the shelter, I was surprised. It was clean and well maintained. There was no spec of dirt. The children in the shelter were very shy and very well mannered.

When the children over there looked up at us, their eyes were gleaming with curiosity and excitement. We started teaching them the very first day.

One thing that surprised me was that these children were very eager to learn. They wanted to know everything! They were keen to learn new things. After teaching them, we played carom with them and told them to draw later. The rest of the days also, we first taught and played with them after lunch.

We also taught them different games. Whenever we used to come, they would get excited. We also held a counselling session. The children opened up to us slowly. They told us their horrifying stories.

We tried to tell them the possible solution to their problems and told them never to lose hope and they should never stop dreaming. We told them to turn their dreams/goals into reality. They listened to us very patiently.

After that we went back to NHRC and started working on our projects. We were divided into teams consisting of 7 to 8 members in each team.

My team did a project on the topic “children rights” in which we mentioned the various rights of a child and how they are being abused in our country.

The overall experience of this internship was amazing. This internship provides excellent exposure to students.

We got the opportunity to work with National Human Rights Commission which has acted as the greatest protector of human rights and we got a close look at the working of NHRC. We got to work with a NGO and also got to know what problems the children of our country are facing.

This internship is best suited for you if you want to increase your knowledge related to law and Human Rights and the ways it concerns our life.

Rating: 8/10

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