Internship @ National Aluminium Company Limited, Bhubaneshwar: Case Reports, Professional Environment, Separate Intern Cubicles


NALCO, Location: Bhubaneswar

Team strength

Organisation-300, Law department- 5 members.

Period of internship

26.05.2014- 11.06.2014

Application process

The basic requirement to be eligible for interning at NALCO is to have an employee (recognized position) of the organisation who can refer you to the organisation as an intern.

At first, an internship letter, signed by the director of the college, is to be submitted the main office of the organisation. After the same is granted, they provide a letter of grant, which further has to be taken to the HR Department and they will provide with an application form requiring various details of the candidate including their photograph and the name of the employee of the organisation who has referred you to the organisation for the internship.

After the completion of these formalities, the letter has to be signed by the head of the HR department, hence, completing the whole application process.

Duration and timing

Duration is 6 days a week, Monday to Saturday. Timing- 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. However, an intern can leave early if he completes the task early.

First impression, First day formalities, Infrastructure

The first impression of the organisation was really good. On the first day of my internship, a small induction process was done and I was introduced to the members of the law department. A brief description of the main task was also given. The infrastructure is really good. The building is a mixture of tradition and modernity. The building is centrally air-conditioned.

Main Tasks

The main task that was appointed to us was to vividly go through the cases; both against and by the company and prepare and submit reports on the same and provide our own views and interpretation.

Work Environment, People

The work environment was fine.

The people were good and shared a healthy relationship with each other. But they maintain their professionalism at the same time.

Best Things

They provided the interns with separate cubicles which gave enough privacy and better concentration on the task. The members of the department were very friendly provided guidance as and when needed. There was scope of interaction with other students interning there.

Bad Things

Working from 9-5 for 6 days a week felt tiring sometimes. The work was repetitive in nature and felt quite boring at times. No transportation is provided to the interns. The the procedure and formalities right from the beginning to the the end are too many and very complex in nature.

Biggest Lessons

Got the knowledge about the various types of law suit a company faces. Better understanding and interpretation of various cases and the laws applied in it.

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