Internship @ K. Bahaduri Associates, New Delhi: Reading Case Files | Observing Proceedings | No Stipend

Two things you need to jot down before joining a legal internship:

“Don’t just read the easy stuff. You may be entertained by it, but you will never grow from it.” -Jim Rohn

 “To read without reflecting is like eating without digesting” -Edmund Burke

Name of the Organisation


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Chamber no. 735J Western wing Tis Hazari Delhi 


 Personally I went to sir through my father who shared the same profession. But during the internship I came across, to make an entreaty is quite simple you can fix your appointment with the sir by calling at the office number: 011-23950517 and telling about pleasant office staff about your desire, and the inquest interns are always appreciated by sir.


 July 1 2014(that is only after the civil court reopens after the summer break) – July 31 2014, six working days in a week. Daily timings of work for intern were 9.30(morning sharp in proper dress)-6.00pm evening (quite flexible for interns but you need to leave with due permission of the sir.


 I assure this, that sir has the best chamber in whole of Tis Hazari, 2 floors built completely air conditioned, with ground for the sitting space for the interns and the associates and waiting area for the clients and 1st floor where sir attends the client in his cabin and in another portion where two computers are placed one for research work and other of the steno. And almost all books readily available in the office itself well placed in book shelves, yes but mostly related to civil matters.


 As I was new to internship field and I had informed about the same to the staff, they went easy on me for the first week, but as I started to admire the work, the work load increased but gradually.


 Tis Hazari court is the biggest Bar of Asia, you find all different styles of lawyers here from the ones who draft affidavit to all other big shots these days, have taken their base from Tis Hazari court. The ones who have ample work that they do not have time to talk and on other side the ones who call like vegetable vendors to come to them.

Lawyers are called the black crows and during the internship I realized why that is so?  This is because of their unity, you point a finger at single lawyer and bang!! You’re gone. Together they stand which I experienced during when a police officer misbehaved with a lawyer and not even a single lawyer attended the court during that day or rather I will say were not allowed to attend by politics people involved.

The court work moves on its speed you cannot expect something to happen every time you attend the hearing, in reality what you get is ‘tarik pe tarik’  you need to be patient, but the litigation intern brings you surprises when you think nothing more can happen, it brings you something amazing.

An experience for life that you can never forget one such thing which happened with me was the a fight between husband and wife and their families getting involved in it inside a court room, what more can be said about you can imagine when a husband wife gets into fight no third person can interfere and exactly that is what happened and judge ordered them to take fight outside the court and when they want to hear come to the court.

Though it was someone sorrow but it is human nature to laugh at others sorrow which I realized after I stopped laughing.

The best experience I had in court room is when there was 92 year old witness who barely could hear was to cross examined by sir. He could not understand Hindi so his counsel needed to shout the question in Punjabi in his ears and then translate his answer to us.

The whole process which should have hardly taken twenty minutes took us two and half hours, even the Hon’ble Judge was frustrated with this.


Sir has ample cases, but deals in civil case, both High Court as well as district courts while sir himself handles High Court cases and reaches back office only after 3pm, the associates handle district court cases, I was given a choice if I wanted to work in the High Court or District Courts I chose district courts because I did not know much of law and wanted to make the base strong before jumping high.

The work which I was been told by the office staff that I will have to do was to come at time in morning to attend court proceedings, so that you can catch up with sir in the morning else if he has left for court it is difficult to find sir in the court and they do not pick up calls when they have left for court and then you’re left alone.

After we were done with court proceedings I was made to read cases files to cases of subsequent day and find out what proceedings are going on and is ought to happen, on first sir informed me of how to read a case file and then I was left on my own and had to read 3-4 case files a day and some of them were huge going for 15-20 years so you need to find what you have to read but the staff is always there for your help if I ever got stuck, but I had to develop the habit of reading a lot and making synopsis out of it so that I can understand the proceeding that will happen the next day, and sometimes sir can ask you did you understand.

My work was not to research but to help the associates in the research work, wherever needed to browse internet and find cases to related topic and read the judgment and find out relevant part and inform sir about the same.

One of help I had from internship was that I lost 4-5kgs weight because as sir said ‘lifts are not for lawyers’ we always used to run on stairs from one part of court to other and trust me running in a court premises wearing court in July heat without AC (yes the court premises is not centralized air conditioned and only many court rooms does not have the AC or it was not working, I am particularly talking about Tis hazari court here) is not easy so be prepared for it.

The office staff is of very jolly nature and this I came across when we used to sit together and have lunch I mean it was always up to me but I was always welcomed, though I had a very little interaction with the main sir, as he used to be in his cabin when he was in the office but whenever I need any help I can approach sir even otherwise the office staff was always there as a companion as we usually got into debate about a topic, a friend that, when sir saw me tired of reading files he said go and take a easy walk and enjoy come back to my comfort and yes of course a teacher.

The associates also consisted of two very young lawyers with 1-2 years of standing so they understood me much better and I also found some co-interns that made my time passed easily.


Knowledge, that is priceless.


Knowledge does not come to you, you have to obtain it.

Disclaimer: Internship experiences are opinions shared by individual law students and tend to be personal and subjective in nature. The internship experiences shared on Lawctopus are NOT Lawctopus official views on the internship.

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