Internship @ Centre for Intellectual Property Rights and Advocacy, NLSIU: IPR Related Project, No Stipend

Name of the Student, Year, College: P.S. Chandralekha, 6th Semester, National Law University and Judicial Academy, Assam.

Name of the Organisation, Location, Team Strength: Centre for Intellectual Property Rights and Advocacy (CIPRA), NLSIU, Bangalore. Team of 4

Application process with contact details: the application may be forwarded to with an applicant’s CV and the university reference letter.

Expect a reply around on month before the internship is due to begin.

Accommodation: NLSIU offers accommodation to interns, subject to vacancy of rooms in hostel. But the intern will have to apply for that as well after the internship is approved.

Duration and timing: 4 weeks, 10 am to 5 pm

First impression, first day formality, and infrastructure: I reached the office at 10 am. At 10 pm the research associates came and introduced themselves and had a formal introduction. After 11:30 am the centre head Prof. (Dr.) T.Ramakrishna came and met me, as he knows the date of joining of the various interns, accordingly he comes and meet them. The research associates are very friendly with the interns; I never felt that I am in a alien place for 4 weeks.

The first day when a intern joins, they will have to give a joining application to the head of the centre and thereafter will meet him o discuss the project topic as well.

The infrastructure is pretty good, as being the top law school all the research facilities provided therein is very good. The library facility, online databases, ambience.

Main task: To prepare a project on a chosen topic in IPR.

Work environment, people: It was very good and pleasant. The research associate attached to every intern is there to constantly scrutinize your work and to give in their suggestions time and when required.

Best thing: even if you are not a student of NLSIU you can have all the benefits and fun that goes around the campus. In case you are lucky enough you may get chance to attend the various conferences and seminars organized by the centre.

Bhookhad, the library hours and all the rules are just awesome. Especially when you are staying in the hostel.

Bad thing: nothing as such.

Stipend: The best stipend is the exposure you get there being with best brains and working with such experienced faculty.

Biggest lessons: The icing on the cake is when you are given works which are part of the projects that comes to the centre, or any special lecture(s) going on in the campus.

Any other thing: There are good hotels and restaurants nearby the campus. Bangalore as such is a very student friendly and happing place to visit, so interns won’t find it boring in the weekends. The curfew timings are pretty good, in the sense that you can give an application and go out for shopping and hang out with friends. Lots of options are there with respect to that. Majestic is the centre for buses, so communication is very easy.

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