Internship @ Arjun T Bhagat & Associates, Mumbai:Top Notch Clientele, Drafting Work, Rs. 6000 Stipend



Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law.

Name of the organisation. City. Office Address. How was the office? Team strength.

Arjun T. Bhagat & Associates, Mumbai. 132/1, Shaheen Apts, Mody Street. Fort, Mumbai-400 001 (India).

The office was located in South Mumbai. Commuting by the local was the easiest way out. It was a 5 minute walk from the Churchgate station or the Victoria Terminus station. The office had 2 floors – first floor and the third floor. The first floor is where all the Registry work is done. You walk into a small reception at the first floor, followed by a cozy but organized office.

A small room located on top of the first floor was where all the interns sat together to have their lunch. The third floor office was where the litigation work was carried out. Newly constructed, with chic cubicles and walk-in-book almirahs. Around 30 people were working at this place

Duration of the Internship

1st july-31st July


An application for internship was dropped at followed by a phone call and a small telephonic conversation with the boss Mr. Vinod Bhagat. The boss is more likely to ask you about the areas of your interest and other basic things.

Duration in weeks. Days of work per week. Timings.

The internship was four-weeks long; beginning on a Monday and terminating on Saturday. We were to report officially at 10, and could leave at 6. Mondays to Fridays were full working days whereas Saturdays were more relaxed and half days. Work was the utmost priority, but there were ample occasions for having fun.

A strict corporate atmosphere was maintained with an ounce of friendliness in the air. There was a hierarchy of interns followed in the office; the senior interns guiding and delegating work to the juniors. No one would mind staying beyond 6pm. This was the first internship where I did not feel like rushing back home as I loved my work.

First impression, first day, formalities

This was my first corporate internship and that too in a new city so I was pretty anxious for the same. However, once I entered the office, there was an atmosphere of ease. The receptionist introduced me to the interns as well as the associates.

I was asked to go through the basics of The Trademarks Act followed by a small pep talk with the boss. He is one of the friendliest person you will meet on the planet. Knowing that I was a localite, he sure would give me tips on how to survive the ‘City of Dreams’, at the end of each day.

Work was fun- which included filing applications, searching if a particular name was available or not, sending advertisement copies to the clients as well as sending the certificates.

Main tasks

The firm had a great client base. In a few days time you were registering applications for Salman Khan, Farhan Akhtar, Adlabs, Imagica and the top notch restaurants of Mumbai. Clients from various parts of the country came to consult for a legal opinion.

 There was loads to do. And every draft prepared was cross-checked by a senior intern followed by the associate. There was proper accountability and good was given the due praise. Along with the Registry related work sir would give us cases to research upon which were supposed to be held promptly.

We also went to the Bombay High Court which was no less than a palace. And another day we were taken to the Registry.

Work environment, people

The work environment was very friendly. From the boss, to the associates, to the liftman everyone had a positive air around them. The receptionist was a chirpy young lady and the two associates formed a humorous pair.

Most of my co-interns were from various colleges in Mumbai and offered to take me around Mumbai. On one occasion where one of the interns had a birthday, a huge surprise chocolate cake was cut and a mini treat was given to the entire office.

Lunch was from 2pm – 3pm. Since I was an outsider, I had to go out and eat. Mumbai being a haven for street food, there were loads of options to explore from. From Starbucks to the very affordable thali system – Bombay is the best place to be for food. Amazing Tea was served twice in a day.

The best things AND the bad things

Everybody was treated as a part of the family- A huge family. The whole office was pretty organized. There was an opportunity to learn something new everyday. What I really liked about an IPR internship was that it is a growing and relatively unexplored field of  law and this firm gives you ample opportunity to work on it.



Accommodation etc. What did you to do chill in and around the office and the place of stay?

I stayed in Borivilli in a flat. However finding an accommodation in Bombay can be a huge problem so try finding a place to stay well in advance.

1km away from my office was Marine Drive- and since I was there when Bombay had monsoons nothing can be more enchanting and enthralling than the sea. Right next to it, you have Gaylords – the best Bakery in the town.

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