Internship @ A & A Law, Mumbai: Consumer Law Research, Helped in Being Articulate


Law is such a field where one has to gain practical knowledge more than theory. A person learns more through practical than reading books and studying law in college or school. The more you dedicate yourself in internship the more you lean towards perfection and your goal as becoming a successful lawyer.

The experience one gets from internship is very useful for his future and it helps boosting your knowledge of law to some other level. It is recommended by the lawyers that law students should join internships in their vacations or in their free time as it makes an additional thing in their curriculum.

My summer internship started with a struggle to get into a good law firm where I can get to learn many new things and where my seniors would teach me and co-operate with me so that I could grasp as much as I can. I tried in many big law firms and many small law firms too but I didn’t succeed anywhere.

My last try was in A & A Law Firm where I went for an interview and I got through it very easily. This was the only law firm where they didn’t except me to be well versed with the laws and with drafting things. So I started my internship there from very next day. This firm was more into consumer cases than into criminal or civil.

Office Location

A & A Law
212 Jolly Bhavan 2,  7 New Marine Lines,
MUMBAI 400020

But this subject was somewhat familiar to me as I had learnt this subject in my 5th semester and that is why I started gaining interest in it. On my 1st day my boss gave me some file and told me to draft a synopsis on the basis of the complaint and the documents attached. I had never seen any real complaint or such documents so I was amazed to read the complaint.

That day I made synopsis and my sir even appreciated me for my 1st attempt. In 10 15 days I got an idea how is a complaint drafted or how the reply to the complaint that is written statement drafted. But my colleagues were very supportive and they only taught me how the main drafting is done. In some days my boss gave me his personal complaint to draft and that was my 1st draft which I made without anyone’s help.

Slowly and steadily I started drafting much better would feel the improvements in my draft. Sometimes my boss used to take me to the court to see how the proceedings happen and how the cases are handled by the advocates.

Many times he even sent me to the district forums just to take another date or for the admission of the matter or such other small things which helped me in boosting my self-confidence to speak before the judges and convince them.

My internship was a very wonderful experience which is helping me even in my theory subjects and even while writing my paper I can now present my answers more efficiently than before. The cases which I handled were from different fields as banking, property, medical negligence etc. due to which I got a deep knowledge about all these subjects, which will definitely help me in future.

I wish to intern in the same firm after my exams because I am learning a lot of things there which I would not get to learn anywhere else. So the conclusion is, this summer internship was the most exciting thing for me and it’s equally important and useful in my college studies as well as in my future career.

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