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Internship @ Senior Advocate Ashok Saraogi, Bombay HC: Good for a Lit Internship; Rs. 5000 Stipend


Name: JeetVipul Patel

College: Institute of Law, Nirma University, Ahmedabad. Batch: 2010-2015. Semester: 8th

Name of the Organization:Senior Adv. Mr. Ashok M. Saraogi – Bombay High Court, Mumbai.

Duration of Internship:January 2nd, 2014 – January 31st 2014, (4 weeks), 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.

How big was the office?

The office was on first floor of Oriental Building. The office was full furnished and properly ventilated. It was situated exactly opposite to the Bombay High Court.

The total office staff comprising the advocates, clerks contained 50-60 members. They had a massive brigade of advocates working in Sessions Court.

Application Procedure:

In reference to Apply as an intern foremost is to send the Curriculum Vitae to the Firms E-mail address and contact the concerned authority for the same.

Contact No – 0902205942

Accommodation: how, where, how was it?

I resided at my relative’space which was in Juhu. I travelled to my office by Local Trains which took me an hour or so to reach.

The other option could be a Paying Guest Accommodation in nearby areas of the respective office. Accommodation is difficult in Church-Gate area. The buildings in the areas nearby are old; hence it is difficult for one to live in such old place even after paying considerably high. But one will find good accommodation in areas like Andheri, Juhu, Vile-Parle, V.T Station, etc. 

First impression. First day, formalities etc.

The first day is always special. I introduced myself to the office authorities and was introduced to my other colleagues and supervisor.

My supervisor gave me instructions regarding the work the advocates dealt with and the monthly agenda of my visit there to learn and expose myself to the best possible opportunities to learn.

On the very first day, I visited Court with one of my colleague. He took me to the various departments like Prothonotary, Affiliation Office, Annexure Office, and Court Receivers Office.

Main tasks:

The foremost task as an intern was to be punctual and report any matter or task, given, to the supervisor and perform the task as instructed.

Initially for a week I was given more off a clerical work to do with like filing of documents, paging, arranging the legal documents. Gradually I visited court and accompanied the advocates to the Court and did research on the cases dealt by them.

My inclination is more towards criminal law, so I used to grab more of criminal related matters and attend the hearings in the court so that I could learn from my senior advocates the art of pleading in the court room.

Work environment, people, etc.

Work environment was friendly and easy to go with. My colleagues as well as the supervisors were cooperative and motivating. There wasn’t any hint of pressure and animosity that I felt. It was welcoming over there.

Best things?

Best things for me would be the office environment. Everyone was very cooperative and made me feel as a part of the team. I was not treated any different and was given full freedom to express my concern regarding any matter and put forth my point of view and ask questions if required.

Senior Adv. Ashok Saraogi, personally called me in his cabin and asked me and other two colleagues of mine to carry a client counselling session, where be counselled the client for 2 hours and made a synopsis of the matter and briefed the senior advocate. In-short you get personal attention from the senior advocate.

 Bad Things?

The only bad thing according to me was that some of the days we had no work to do. Majority of the interns who were in their Final Year were localities, so they were given more legal and drafting work then other interns.

What did you do to chill?

That was not the problem, ever. There were many eating joints right beside the office, where I along with my colleagues hanged out. All kinds of food were available within 400-500 m radius.

Stipend/ Month:

The firm provided me stipend of Rs.5000 for 4 weeks internship period.

But it depends on the Advocate’s discretion which is judged from your conduct, discipline, punctuality, regularity and efficiency. I was given the amount for being regular and punctual w.r.t. time. (Self-observance)

Anything else you’d like to tell; Biggest lessons:

Every internship brings a new experience and teaches a new lesson.  I learnt a lot and was exposed to a bigger picture of the profession, but, if one thing which I need to mention, then, it would be that, money in this profession is important but to play it long, one needs to respect the profession first and be truthful to what you are fighting for.

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  1. With all due respect, Mr. Sarogi is not a Senior Advocate. The term is a very respectful designation honoured upon a select few lawyers who are the cream of the litigation fraternity. However, Mr. Sarogi has not yet received this designation from the Bombay High Court where he practices.

  2. the contact number given is of only 9 digits while a mobile number should be of 10 digits

  3. A M Saraogi, very helpful, good Orator, Command in Criminal Law, Chit Fund Cases, I personally have awesom experience in Litigation, at Jaipur, Rajasthan and Jabalpur MP.



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