Internship Experience @ Arista Chambers, Bengaluru: Drafting and Researching Skills Drastically Improved

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Arista Chambers, Bengaluru, 5 people

Application Process

The good thing about Arista Chambers is that even though Mr. Promod Nair is one of the big shots in the legal circle, you can still directly reach him through the number provided on their website, the email id which the website lists should also be used to send the application.

The office, would generally revert to you within a period of two to four weeks accepting or declining your request for the internship.

To find my way to the office on my first day of the internship, I called up the number on the website, and it was Mr. Nair speaking from the other side, I was a little shocked and asked him the way to the office nervously, though he was very kind in guiding me to the office.

Duration of Internship and Timings

December 1st to December 28th 2014, this being the lean holidays period of the courts in Bengaluru, there was not a lot of court room proceedings that I could attend but there was enormous amount of work that was still at my disposal.

First Impression, First Day Formalities, Infrastructure

The office is located in a posh society behind the Mount Carmel College and looks like working out of a majestic flat, which is being used as an office, as soon as you walk in the office, you are made to feel comfortable by the office staff.

As soon as you reach office, you are welcomed by a very kind and soft spoken Mr. Promod Nair, who is a terrific mentor, and listens to you patiently when he asks you about your life and your areas of work etc., then he introduces you to the associates and other people of the office, and then he assigns some or the other tasks to the interns.

Main Tasks

There is a lot of research and drafting work that can come your way if you are capable enough and are willing to put in the hard work. This office being a litigation centric office you would be inundated with all sorts of work starting from IPR to Criminal Matters to Arbitration.

Work Environment and People

There is high volume of quality work that comes your way at this internship, you are made to feel like an associate and Mr. Promod Nair himself would come over and explain the intricate details to you about the matter and the research to be done.

The Associates are the most awesome set of people, who will go that extra mile to help you with your work and also treat you at times. 🙂

The work environment is fantastic as this place provides you lots of opportunities to learn and grow in your career. And the best part is you will be having Mr. Promod Nair as your mentor.

Best things

1. Very chilled out atmosphere in the office, lots of scope to learn and be guided by the best.

2. The awesome evening getaways to have authentic south indian filter coffee.

3. Work without pressure

Bad things

If you are passionate to learn and grow there is no bad thing about the internship, except for the fact that it takes a bit of time to find the location of the office.



Biggest Lessons

Learnt humility from the amazing mentor Mr. Promod Nair, drafting and researching skills were drastically improved.

Any Other Thing

Do not go to work at this office if you are strictly looking for a very organized and compartmentalized work, there are no firm like masquerade’s here, the office works like a litigation office and you may get anything under the sun to work on.

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