Internship @ ANS Associates, Kolkata

Name of Organisation, Location, Team Strength

ANS Associates, Kolkata, 7-8 associates and 2 partners.

Application Process

The procedure is quite easy. The response is very prompt


Details are given relating to internship.

Duration of internship and timings

December 2012 to January 2013.

The working hours are quite strict i.e 10 a.m to 7:30 p.m.

You are not allowed to leave till the partners are there in the office.

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

The associates at ANS Associates, Kolkata are quite friendly. There is not much formality. They will assign you work from day 1.

The office is not big enough but it is well maintained.

The associates and the clerks are very helpful.

You will be asked to go for court visit along with the associates.

Main tasks

The main tasks include research work. The partners will take details of the day to day work done in the office.

They will constantly poke you for the work assigned. There will be regular court visits along with the associates.

Work environment and people

Work environment is pretty good. There will be interns from different colleges.

It is located in the heart of the city.

There are many good places to visit around the office i.e museum is there near the office.

Best things

The friendly nature of the associates.

Bad things

There are no such bad things to point out.


Depends on the work.

Biggest Lessons

The intensive research work they will ask you to do. You can get to learn a lot.


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