Internship Experience @ Anchal Charitable Trust, Delhi: A Happy and Satisfying Internship

Name of Organisation, Location, Team Strength

Anchal Charitable Trust, Anchal House, F-16,

Naveen Shahdara, Delhi 110032.

Application Process

This is an organization that works under the Central Govt. I had personally visited the office and submitted my CV and an application showing my interest towards the organization. Then after a few days I got a confirmation call.

You can also apply by sending them an application and your CV at

For further details you can also contact on their office Phone:
+91 11 22123950, +91 11 22323409, +91 9811173780 between 10am – 4pm.

Duration of internship and timings

I worked under them for a month during the winters. There are two shifts either from 9am to 4 pm or 10am to 5pm. I preferred 10am to 5pm because of the Delhi fog visibility almost remains 0 till 9am.

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

First day was basically all about knowing more about the organization and what it deals with and an interaction with the differently abled children. I was told about their various schemes and components that they focused upon.

Main tasks

Our main task was to deal with the cases that were basically dealt through ADR (Alternate Dispute Resolution). But we also got some chances to be a part of the court room sessions that was taken place in the premises of the organization itself by the government assigned lawyers.

We were taught about their main agenda ie. The Awaz Uthao Project. We were also taught more about the women empowerment strategies, SHG and many other legal aspects under the Para Legal Trainers.

We had breaks in between and that was the time we utilised being with the differently abled children or help people in the Suvidha Kendra, or be with the teachers who teach some women from the conservative families and prepare them for jobs at home.

Teachings include stitching, beautician and most importantly some of them are being educated. Sometimes we interns were told to go to nearby villages and spread awareness about SHG and HIV and encourage women to work. We were leaded by our intern head. We were also made volunteers of various health camps.

Work environment and people

People out there are very enthusiastic. Even if you are lazy seeing them work you ‘ll automatically get the urge to work hard. Even if you are tired, you spend some time with these differently abled children you will automatically forget everything.

It will really make you feel good being with them. Even if this therapy does not takes your tiredness away, it will surely make you a better human being.

Best things

Best thing was that u have to travel through rickshaw. And there are some really yummy golgappa valas nearby.

Bad things

The road is a bit narrow so driving your own car will be a problem. So better park your cars and take a rickshaw.


No stipend

Biggest Lessons

Life has given us so many things. Inspite of that we are never tired of complaining about everything in life. But being with them I realized that life is really beautiful, we just have to see it because life is too short to complain about things.

Any Other Thing

This was my first internship, and I was very excited. So getting a stipend never mattered to me. Doing this internship made me happy and satisfied and that is what matters at the end of the day.

See the Anchal Charitable Trust’s website here.

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