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Internship Experience @ Amarchand Mangaldas AMSS, Delhi

By: User Submitted | February 24, 2015

Name of Organisation, Location, Team Strength

AMSS, Delhi.

Application Process

Got through the Recruitment and Placement Committee. Duration of internship and timings 3 weeks.


9 A.M. to 7 P.M. (or at times, until 8:30-9 P.M.)

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

AMSS, Delhi is located in the industrial heart of Okhla. It has a separate 3 floor building to itself. The interior is quite swanky and appealing for a first impression.

On the first day, we were asked to report by 10 A.M. There were about 8-9 interns joining that week. We had an induction meeting conducted by the HR and later on provided with our set of stationery and respective Intern Badges.

After filling up a form detailing our current CGPA, rank, college name and specific area of interest, we were then allotted to our teams within some 20 minutes.

Interns were made to sit on different floors, based on the availability of systems at that point of time.

We were to send an official e-mail to our respective teams, introducing ourselves and letting them know that we were to work with them for a period of two/three weeks, as the case maybe.

Main tasks

It isn’t necessary that one would be assigned to one’s choice of team. You may choose tax but later be assigned to policy. You may choose competition, but later be assigned litigation, so on and so forth.

However, people preferring General Corporate are generally assigned the same since the GC Team is in itself divided into a number of sub-teams such as the M&A Team, Real Estate Financing Team, etc.

My work at Amarchand revolved around some basic research, a lot of proof reading and majorly – compliance! For about two weeks in entirety I was made to work on a series of labour, tax and duty related laws for a certain task.

Work environment and people

My team was pretty amiable from the start. You could ask them for more and more work and that wouldn’t bug them either. Rather, they’d be more than happy to assign/delegate work at your behest.

At times it gets pretty difficult to work for yourself since there is a significant dearth of work stations at Amarchand! Not something that is expected of the biggest law firm of the country, but yeah!

Additionally, the systems are pre-historic to say the least. You need to struggle since the screen could be either blue, or yellow, or whatever color, depending on your luck. Interns need to share systems at times. For all of this, the work environment gets pretty crunched.

Best things

You have a pantry on the second floor and it remains well-stocked all the time. You have a wide range of dishes to choose from. Also, you have coffee points in each floor.

Take a tour whenever you want to and grab a cup of it yourself.

Bad things

Of all the things you may expect from a huge law firm, the least you could wish for is a bit of pecuniary benefit arising out of your internship. AMSS being the best and the biggest, surprisingly has no such policy of stipend for its interns.

Well then again, some may argue that it is the work which counts, but hello, keeping aside that facade of fake modesty, who wouldn’t want to be rewarded for his/her own’s weeks of hard labour?



Biggest Lessons

Do not join the firm as an intern just for the sake of its name or as they say, for brightening up your CV value.

If this is your first internship at a law firm, it may well be a determinant as to whether you’d wish to be on the corporate side or otherwise.

And if not, then its wise to intern here (if you get the chance to) only if you see yourself gaining something substantial for yourself that can help you shape better for subsequent work experiences..!

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