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How did I apply: Their website www.altlawforum.org is very informative and has a section on internships. I had to fill up a simple form and email it along with a personal statement and my CV.

I had to send my application at least a month before the date on which I wanted to start the internship so make sure you send in the application well in advance.

Please note, they do not take interns who are in their first year.

Logistics: The office is very conveniently located on Infantry Road near Shivajinagar Bus Station which is one of the biggest bus stations in Bangalore so you’ll find a bus to go anywhere in the city.

The work: The best part about working here is that you get a taste of different areas of law.

While I was interning there, I had a chance to work with labour laws with respect to street scavengers and conditions of work, human rights – sex workers, intellectual property rights of small artistes, a bit of constitutional law, right to education and some work on national disasters.

I also learnt how to draft a contract for the first time! The work was immensely interesting and it gave me an opportunity to look at a very different (alternative!) side of law.

I could actually see how my contributions were helping people and that made me feel very good about what I was doing.

The work environment: Everyone who works here is really friendly and helpful. They encourage you to learn and answer all your questions.

ALF also conducts a lot of talks, workshops and other programs on a regular basis. During my internship I had the opportunity to attend many of these programs which were informative and interesting.

For example, I attended a workshop on secret communication for activists where I learnt how to encrypt text messages and emails so they cannot be intercepted!

Remuneration: I did not get paid but they gave me a memento and a book which was signed by everyone which was touching.

Verdict: I loved the time I had spent here and I would recommend this internship to anyone who is interested in an alternative practice of law.

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