Internship Experience @ Allahabad High Court: Learnt difference between speaking at moots and speaking in a court!

Name of Organisation, Location city

Allahabad High Court, Allahabad

Application Process with contact details

First we approached the Registrar’s Office at Allahabad High Court where an application to intern under Hon. Justice along with permit from college to intern had to be submitted.

In case we had come through any Hon. Justice, we had to mention his name in the application addressed to the Registrar General. After a week, we got our call for acceptance of our application from Joint Registrar’s office.

Duration of internship and timings

3 weeks i.e. from 13 June till 2nd July 2016.

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

First day was very informative. I attended the court proceedings of Hon. Justice. Then in his chamber I was given ample work which included finding case laws on his case at hand or listen to the judgment being given or to read up on a particular topic that needed clarity in order to give a clear and reasoned judgment etc.

Main tasks

Tasks were mainly assisting the Hon. Justice in his work. Observing the court proceedings then informing as to what we learned. He answered with great vigour all my questions, thereby helping me increase my knowledge. It fulfilled my aim of interning to gain practical experience about the theoretical study of my career field.

Work environment and people

Work environment was very energetic. ACJ was very encouraging in the meeting held for interns. The Hon. Justice I was appointed under was very helpful with all the stupid questions I had along with commending me on my work and pointing out the mistakes I made.

Best things

Best thing was me being appointed under one of the best judges of Allahabad High Court. I loved that he was appreciative, encouraging and at the same time a teacher to me helping me have the practical knowledge of law I so needed.

Bad things

Bad thing was the procedure for application as in we had to go to Mediation Centre that was alongside Allahabad High Court to meet the JRI but since it was summer vacation, there was overload of work and many had applied for interning hence it was justified.


Lots of Experience only.

Biggest Lessons

One of the biggest lessons was how different the actual legal system is from what we study (in a good way). Every bit of internship was a cherished experience. Also how incredibly amazing and awesome are the lawyers in High Court and how completely different it is to speak in moot courts and to speak in the actual courts.

Any Other Thing

Well my recommendation to every law student is that before actually being a lawyer it will be very helpful to have a court experience beforehand.

Overall Rating 8


I was a local resident so there was no need for PG.

Office Timings

Timings were relaxed depended upon the work I got. Sometimes I stayed till 4 p.m. for research, on the work given by Hon Justice, in the Judge’s Library. But, I was allowed to research at home also.


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