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Internship @ Akosha, New Delhi: RTI Applications; Must Do For Budding Entrepreneurs; Performance Based Stipend

Name of Organisation, Location, Team Strength

Akosha, New Delhi.

Application Process

I sent a mail requesting the internship at [email protected]

Although, I am not really sure whether he works there anymore.The reply came within a week.

Sanchit was really helpful in finding a PG as well.

Duration of internship and timings

My internship was for one month. The timings were pretty strict as the interns were expected to turn up at 9 AM and were expected to stay in the office till 7-7.30.

They clarified the same in the very beginning and did not treat the employees and the interns any differently.

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

The first impression was good as the team was very young and enthusiastic.

When I interned in Akosha, then they were operating from there previous office but now they have shifted to a much bigger and better office in Okhla which has all the facilities in the world (from what I have heard :P)

You are introduced to all the Team Heads (Operation, Escalation, Legal, Technical and HR) on the first day and an orientation is conducted for the interns. You are asked to sign a Confidentiality Form and then you are good to go.

Main tasks

The main task for every intern is to draft Consumer Complaints, Notice Letters, Written Arguments, RTI Applications and Reply Letters. Sometimes, you are given some interesting areas to research upon.

Aksoha might even send you on field trips to get some data. For eg. I was sent with another intern to the District Consumer Forum, State Consumer Forum and the NCDRC to find out the acceptable template for the Consumer Complaint.

Work environment and people

The work environment was really good as the team was really young and enthusiastic. The Christmas and the New Year Parties are the ones to look out for. The owner of Akosha is himself an NLS Graduate and is very cool with the interns.

All the departments in Akosha coordinate and compliment one another. They work mutually to fulfil the vision of Akosha as an organziation, i.e., to provide a speedy remedy to the unsatisfied customers.

Best things

The Drafting Work and the Vibe in the Office were definitely the best things. You get to draft so many Consumer Complaints that you learn COPRA like the back of your hand.

Akosha is a MUST DO internship for those of you who seek to create Start-ups and interested in E-commerce or if you want to learn Basic drafting.

Bad things

The work might get monotonous at times owing to the huge pendency of cases that require to be drafted but if you are good at MS Word and Basic English then it should not be a problem.

Stipend Performance Based. If you are good then you will be paid Rs 2000.

Biggest Lessons

Working in start-ups is fun. You are treated like an employee in Akosha and your work is appreciated if you perform well. Any Other Thing The new office is pretty cool and makes up for the hectic work schedule at Akosha.

You might even get a chance to work as a Freelancer after the internship if they are impressed by your performance.

Freelancers are paid decently at Akosha.

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