Internship Experience @ Akosha: A Legal Start-up

Internship @ Akosha: A Legal Start-up

(Published on 22 November 2010)

Name: Anup Kumar, Amity Law School, Delhi, 5th year
Duration/timings: 8 weeks, 6 days a week, 10 am- 7.30pm
Office Timings: 10 AM- 7:30 PM

Before joining Akosha, I had interned with National Commission for Women, a trial court lawyer, senior advocates, corporate law firms etc.

However, while doing these internships I could not make out how the petty work which I did was going to be a real learning experience. The realization dawned upon me only after doing three internships back to back during the fourth year of my B.A.,LL.B course.

Joining Akosha

I applied for internship at Akosha through e-mail. Initially, I was not very keen on joining Akosha as its practice area was very different from the work one would do as a corporate lawyer. But it was strongly recommended by one of my professors and hence I applied for the internship.

Before joining Akosha, I had a wrong conviction that this would be another place for time pass and there would be no learning here but this changed the moment I joined.

Work in Akosha

The work I did at Akosha was very different from the work you would get in a typical corporate law firm. However, my learning at Akosha helped me in practicing corporate law as well.

My work included writing articles on day to day consumer issues, preparing memos on various subjects like will, rent agreement etc; making marketing and sales strategy, interacting with customers etc.

In Akosha, I was made to work hard on simple things like attention to detail (why silly things like full stop, coma, punctuation etc. matter, why sloppy editing reflects poorly on the writer) etc. Further the quality expected out of the research work was exceptionally high.

The best thing about Akosha was the feedback which I used to get on the work I did. They used to show me the final edited version of the documents which I had made and those documents used to be edited by editors and lawyers who had previously worked at prestigious national and international law firms.

This gave me a good insight as to what are the things which one should be particular about while drafting documents, making a presentation etc. In nutshell, they strive to make you a perfectionist.

How did work experience at Akosha helped me in my corporate law career

As I mentioned that the work was no way related to corporate law, it still did help me immensely practicing corporate law. As a corporate lawyer one needs to know how to write a document which is unambiguous, concise and is presented in an intuitive manner. If one knows this, I guess most of the battle is won and Akosha is a place which will teach you all of these.

However, being a startup, Akosha is very open to you contributing to other aspects of their business as well like – strategy, sales, marketing and that is good fun as well. I would strongly recommend Akosha’s internships for those want to work hard and learn new things.

The bad work

Uploading contents on Akosha’s website which I did only once.

Rating: 10/10

Stipend: Rs 3000
[Editor’s note: Akosha does not provide a stipend to interns. For more information on internships at Akosha, click here]

Read about Akosha here. Akosha now exclusively (and amazingly) deals with consumer related issues.


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