Internship @ Aircel, Patna [Bihar Telecom Circle] : Wonderful Environment, Delicious Beverages, No Stipend


Name. College. Year of study.

Neeati Narayan. Symbiosis Law School, Pune. 2nd year.

Name of the organisation. City

Aircel [Dishnet], Head Office at Patna for the Bihar Telecom Circle. City – Patna.

Application procedure. Internship contact details

I know for a fact that an email would not have really helped my cause because I had unexpectedly decided to do a 2 week stint for my remaining time at home. Therefore, I decided to pay a visit to their main office situated at Bailey Road.

I requested the HR head to give me an internship based on my CV and on an urgent need basis. He perused the same and placed me under the Head for Policy and Legal Department.

Duration in weeks. No. of days/week. Timings

2 weeks. 5 days per week [May 20, 2013 – May 31, 2013]. Timings were 10.30 am to 4.00 pm [Yeah! Pretty relaxed]

First impression. First day, formalities etc.

The Aircel office is divided between two floors (5th and 6th) of the Sai Corporate Park at Bailey Road. Talking about the office, it is amazingly swanky. The place is pretty spacious and even the cubicles are amazingly comfortable.

They share the floor with Vodafone (Rivalry much!) but there is a solid partition between the two offices.

I had 2 first days – one unofficial and the other official. On the unofficial first day, I had to wait in the reception area for some ten minutes before I was escorted by a HR person to the conference where we sat and had a long discussion about me and the company. He gave me a briefing about the initiation process at the company.

Then he made me meet the Head of the Policy Department, Mr. Abhishek Singh. Mr. Singh formally welcomed me to the organisation and gave me a visual representation as to the week-wise development he sought for me during the internship.

It included introduction to the Telecom Dispute Settlement and Appellate Tribunal, Department of Telecom and Telecom Regulatory Authority of India and their respective jurisdictions and attributes.

Thereafter, I reported to the reception where I was given a visitor’s card and basic access to the working area. Immediately after, I was sent back home. The next day, I formally started with my 2 week long internship programme where I was introduced to the other legal personnel working in the Bihar Telecom Circle.

There were no other formalities as such except, that I had to sign the visitor’s log everyday.

On my first day, I was asked to read up the License Agreement between Department of Telecom (Licensor) and the Telecom Company (Licensee) and analyse the economic, legal, financial and general conditions.

Thereafter, I was instructed to find a loophole in the laws relating to the Performance Bank Guarantee. Mr. Singh explained all the relevant conditions to me which demarcated the economic and legal environment and the policy framework within which a Telecom Company exists.

I was given a chair in Mr. Singh’s office room which was pretty spacious.

Main tasks

The main tasks included reading up on several notifications issued by TRAI and DOT with respect to Telemarketers (their registration, deregistration, blacklisting), customer services and their subsequent troubleshooting and the laws related to the top up vouchers. I was then required to make presentations or flowcharts based on the same.

Thereafter, I explained the same to my mentor who listened patiently to whatever I had to say and added on the points which I had missed in my research.

I also researched substantively on Performance Bank Guarantees, Call connection process and the loopholes relating to the license fee as demarcated in the License Agreement executed between Department of Telecom and the Telecom Company.

Next up, I read up on the petitions filed by the company against the order of the local tax authorities’ decision to levy SALES tax (along with already existing SERVICE tax) on the give away of SIM cards.

The main argument revolved around the fact that that SIM card facilitates enjoyment of a particular service and does not constitute a sale, per se (and as substantiated by a judicial authority). I really wanted to draft something like a notice or a petition, but never got a chance to do so. 2 weeks is time too less to get into intricacies, but you have to take what you get, right?

By the end of the internship, I held a good deal of knowledge about the jurisdiction of TDSAT, the appeal procedure and the several notifications issued by DOT and TRAI. It was a very informative process.

Work environment, people

The work environment was pretty good. It was relaxed and all the people were really friendly. My mentor was exceedingly patient and acted in the capacity of a full time teacher. He took a personal interest in my learning process and ensured that I understood whatever work I was allotted.

The HR people are really well mannered and quick to respond to any queries you might pose to them. The lunch break lasted 45 minutes and there was a specific area allotted to have lunch. One could pay Rs.50/- and enjoy unlimited lunch if they did not bring their own food.

I got free coupons but I preferred bringing my own food (Come on, why will I eat any other food when I am getting the best cooked by my lovely mother?).

Best and the bad things?

BEST: I had a great, albeit short time at this place. The friendly environment really brought out the enthusiast in me and my mentor and I had lively discussions on a plethora of topics including but not limited to telecom disputes, my personal aims and interests and the jurisdictions of the tribunals.

It was a wonderful learning experience which I would like to repeat again during some other break. The people, as I wrote above, are really friendly. The free beverages they serve twice a day at the office are the best I have ever had, even better than the ones I have paid for. (Really, I am NOT exaggerating it).

The lunch served by the office also served pretty good. Aircel had a recreation room towards the back side of the office which has a pool table and equipment to play Table Tennis – awesome, right? I played TT a few times and it was a great stress buster (there was never much stress to begin with…)

BAD: The lack of stipend. However, I do not blame the organisation. I was there for a short stint of 2 weeks and there was not a huge amount of work.

Stipend/ month


 Accommodation: how, where, how was it?

I live in Patna so accommodation was never an issue. You can find good hostels for both Boys and Girls in and around the main Bailey Road and the branch roads within. Travelling is extremely easy in the city – you can use the dirt cheap auto rickshaws to travel. We have shared ricks concept in the city where these ricks run only on the main, pre-designated routes. Therefore, you can also live at Boring Road, Exhibition Road or Fraser Road or near the Danapur area and commute to and from office easily.

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