Internship Experience @ Advocate, Surat: My work was to mostly see and learn

Your Name, College, Year of Study, Email ID

Siddheswari Ranawat, College of Legal studies, University of Petroleum and Legal Studies, Dehradun

Name of Organisation, Location city, Team Strength

Advocate, Surat

Application Process with contact details

The Lawyer whom I worked under is a well known lawyer in the city of Surat. And my father is acquainted with her because she has handled many cases and provided legal advice for the company my dad works in.

So, I applied and directly contacted her asking her if I could intern under her and she accepted the offer so that’s how I got the internship.

Duration of internship and timings

14th December, 2015- 10th January, 2016

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

The lawyer herself and her team were very polite and clear about the work that had to be done by me and they started teaching me and showing me new things from day 1 which made me really excited that new things were coming ahead.

Main tasks

Well, being a first year student I did not have much knowledge prior the internship as to how the courts actually work.

So, my work was to mostly see and learn and get the documents ready or find case laws or take dates on which the hearings were scheduled and so on.

Listen to the arguments and understand them and then i also witnessed four cross examinations of workmen compensation cases as well.

Work environment and people

The lawyer I interned for was very supportive and helpful, same goes for the team. Me, being the youngest of them all they took care of me and taught me new things related to the world of which i was becoming a part. and the work environment was great and it encouraged me a lot to do new things.

Best things

The best part of the internship was visiting the courts. It was an great experience to see how the court actually worked as i visited the family court, the district court and also different government offices for different work provided for m and the team.

Bad things

No, there were no bad things. For the short period of time which I interned for I just got to learn new things and process. I would not call this a bad thing but it was a bit of problem that as I interned in Surat, Gujarat the district court used Gujarati language for a lot of things.

I know Gujarati fluently and I can read, speak and write it but it was little tiring hearing it all day long during the proceedings but that’s just how it works in the district courts so that was a problem but other than that I had no as such bad experiences.



Biggest Lessons

The biggest lesson or more like the a reality check was that it is hard out there, after we graduate.

I realized working for endless hours just for one case is kinda boring, we’ll get used to that but being a first year student I wasn’t aware about the life of a real lawyer and so that was a lesson for me to gear up for the upcoming years.

Any Other Thing

Overall, the internship was an amazing experience which led me to be more interested in more internships and they are a great way to learn and broaden our won network with actual working professionals working in the same field as us.

Overall Rating



Stayed at home, as its in my hometown.

Office Timings

It started from morning 9 or 10 to evening 6 or 7 or if more work was there 8 that was the limit.


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