Internship Experience @ Sr. Advocate Sudhir K Makkar, Delhi: The associates would take me along for meetings and briefings

Name of the Intern


Duration Of Internship

1st February, 2017 – 1st April, 2017

Office Name & Address

Chambers Of Senior Advocate Sudhir Kumar Makkar; X-29 Hauzkhas, First Floor, New Delhi, 110016

Application Procedure

Send your CV along with a  made cover letter at this ID: [email protected]

First impression

Disciplined atmosphere. The juniors were very warm and welcoming. I was called to court on my first day where sir met me after his matters.

Work environment and people

The work environment was amazing. I was the only intern at that time. The associates were very helpful and understanding. Even though the office follows discipline, Mr. Makkar himself would take out time to sit and chat with the juniors and interns every now and then.

Since I am interested in IPR he was the right person to go to. He is excellent in company and IPR matters and there is a lot of work in both fields.


I visited many courts including Supreme Court, Delhi High Court, NCLT, Saket but mainly Delhi High Court and watched Mr. Makkar argue and assisted his juniors in court.

I was also given the task of researching for a lecture that sir had to give on IPR which I thoroughly enjoyed.

After court we headed to the office where we used to prepare for the next day matters. Sometimes Mr. Makkar would come to the associate room and ask everyone what they were doing. The associates would take me along for meetings with Sir and the briefing counsels if I was working on that matter.

I was also given direct research by Mr. Makkar a couple of times and he kept a constant check on what work i was doing.

Good things

Mr. Makkar is a very simple and humble person. He treated me like one of his associates and trusted me with the work that he gave me.

It has taught me that in order to survive in this litigation, working hard is very necessary and also that time is of the essence. Utter and absolute commitment is required.

This internship has helped me in realizing the skills I lack. Skills, that are very important to sustain and survive in the legal field. One such skill is time management. I could observe how efficiently the office worked and how everything was meticulously plan.

Bad things

Sir usually has lunch in High Court so there is no place to sit in the canteen. You can go to the office if you want but all associates come post lunch.




Traveled from home.

Office Timings

10:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.

Girls are allowed to leave by 6:30-7.

Timings were relaxed.

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