Internship Experience @ Advocate RP Pandey, District Court Dehradun: Learn with Fun Experience

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Sammanika Rawat

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Advocate RP Pandey, District Court Dehradun

Application Process

I got this internship through contact. Sir does not prefer to take interns as he is quite old now.

Duration of internship and timings

I did the internship for 3 weeks.

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

This was our first internship so me and my friend were very eager to get that ‘Lawyer wali feeling’ as we were going to intern under one of the top civil lawyers of the district. Sir is a very sweet person. He treated us like him daughters. There were no formalities. He allowed us to observe things and learn at our own pace.

As compared to the space crunch all over, sir has one of the most decent chambers which he shares with Sir JD Jain who is the top criminal lawyer of the state.

The first impression which I would never forget would be of the Family Law Court which we entered first and the Judge sitting there. Most of the cases were divorce cases however the amusing thing I noticed there was that in all of those cases the Judge was convincing the advocates to get the matter settled outside the Court.

Main tasks

Since we had just completed our first year and did not possess much knowledge about civil law, Sir did not burden us with work. Rather he allowed us to observe things on our own.

Our task was to join him in Court proceedings only. We voluntarily read the case files and made briefs.

Sir himself used to teach us how to form issues in the cases.

Work environment and people

We could not have asked for a better mentor. Despite their hectic work load, sir as well as his younger brother who practices in Criminal law were always very helpful.

Since we could not gain much interest in the Civil cases, we used to get excited whenever a new client approached JD Sir. This was the privilege we had. Most of the time when there was no work, we used to read the criminal law case files of Pandey sir’s brother’s and J.D. Sir.

Best things

A two-wheeler, Dehradun and a learn-with-fun experience.

Opportunity to be a part of the Chamber of City’s best civil as well as criminal lawyers, lots of street food and ample time to enjoy at home . What else could I have asked for?

Bad things

Sir is famously known for his polite way of presenting the arguments which impresses the judges. However in my 3 week internship I could only see him argue twice because when we had joined the judges got transferred and the courts were delayed. This was followed by the absence of the other advocate followed by the death of some senior advocate and then the elections.

The adjournment proceedings, the poor whose relatives were behind the bars but could not afford the fees of lawyers who approached the chamber room with hope made me low spirited.



Biggest Lessons

JD Sir’s words: “Marks always may not count in your future but hard work will”.

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