Internship Experience @ Advocate Rajnish Barya, District Court, Bhopal: A Jolly LL.B Come True and Lesson in Read, Read, Read


Your Name, College, Year of Study, Email ID

Apoorv Bhatnagar, ITM University Gurgaon, 2nd Year,

Name of Organisation, Location, Team Strength

Advocate Rajnish Barya, District Court, Bhopal, MP

Application Process

One can approach the office of Advocate Rajnish Barya by contacting at his office. There is no system of posting CV online.

Contact no. 09826453636

Address- house number 18, Aradhana Nagar,

Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. Pincode- 462003

Duration of internship and timings

2 months – 19th May to 19th July.

Timing- 11 am to 5:30 pm.

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

First day to the internship broke all my imagination about the professionalism of the courts. Though a proper court attire is expected to be worn by the interns, the surroundings are very casual and interns can work in a very free manner. There are no strict time boundaries.

Bhopal district court is very much like what you see in the movie Jolly LLB.. Yes you got it right. With a big and hygienic canteen which makes you feel better when ever you feel bored of your work. There is a separate library cum book shop where interns are allowed without any extra access pass.

Main tasks

As a first year student, main task was to help the lawyer in his research work from the outside, attending all the hearings and making a note as you stand right beside him in the court room.

Internship isn’t just restricted to the court. There is a separate venture by the name of Barya Chambers. A lavish office with a huge library where interns can sit whole day and do the research work.

Advocate Rajnish Barya handles both, criminal as well as civil disputes and hence the reason, interns have a lot to learn.

Work environment and people

Work environment in the Bhopal district court is very casual and all the senior advocates are easily approachable. You feel comfortable on the very first day.

Work allotted to you is in accordance with the subjects that you have studied in the college. There is nothing like work restriction. One can ask any work related problem from his advocate or any of his juniors.

Best things

You have a lot to learn. It makes you aware about the fact that how things work on a very basic level. Many people live in a dream world where they just argue in English like people do in movies. Its nothing like that. One must work day and night to earn the bread and butter.

District court makes you a tough lawyer and lets you know about how and in which direction you have to grow as a lawyer.

Bad things

The only bad thing is the language problem. There is almost no usage of English in the whole court. From lowest of the official to the highest judge everything is done in Hindi. Arguments to written documents. Understanding terminology in Hindi is a bit tricky for interns.


No stipend

Biggest Lessons

READ READ READ READ. To be a lawyer, everybody with a degree can be. But to be a good lawyer, you need to have inch to inch update of what is happening around you. Not just domestically or about things related to your cases. Keep yourself updated globally.

Work Hard. Do not dream about being another Mr. Ramjethmalani. Things in litigation do not work as they seem in the movies. It takes a lot to make your name in a place where you are surrounded by thousands of other lawyers.

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  1. So learn, Hindi. What’s the big deal, If you are interning in a District Court , you should know the proceeding language specially state like M.P which is a declared Hindi State (to your surprise in High Court also you may find Writ Petition to be written in Hindi ) , anyways if you would have even read basic Hindi till class 10th you can easily understand. Hindi is a need , if you want to practice or work for liaisoning or project finance or real estate Lawyer in north India.


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