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Chambers of Advocate Rajesh Notial, Delhi

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Let me give you guys a little background information I come from a non legal background and in addition to that I am not studying in any of top law college of our country, so I decided to search for internship on my own. application process is pretty simple you can mail Mr. Notial, his email id is

Interns are selected on first come first serve basis. He select 2 interns for a period of 1 month, preferred not mandatory.

Duration of Internship and timings

I interned for only a month after my 2nd year finals. July 4, 2016 – August 5, 2016

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

I was really excited and nervous on my first day as I had no idea what to expect this was my very first internship. so let me start by telling you all about Mr. Notial I met him at Rohini Court, at 10:00 am.

He instructed me about the timings and place on the phone, 2 days before the meeting. He briefed me about the case that was about to start in 20-25 minutes, I heard the hearing after which he took me on a tour of the court, he is really kind, he showed me where is the record room, where is the family court, place where you collect forms etc, so after our tour he took me to his chamber.

There I got introduced to some other advocates as well. I think anyone who has visited the chamber knows the size of it, space is enough to straighten up your back and do some work, he had kept his documents and books in his chamber.

I was really happy to see an ac which I discovered after 3 days and first days I survived without it because I had no idea that there is an ac in his chamber. 😛

Main tasks

My main tasks were researching about the case, relevant case laws and recent judgments related to the case.

I was also asked to maintain a record book in which I had to write about the case and what I learned from it.

Work environment and people

I got to meet a lot of other advocates during my internship through Mr. Notial which was great because I made some contacts which is really necessary for a person like me who does not come from a legal background.

Mr. Notial and his juniors are great to work with, they are always ready to help you when you need them, I bugged him with my questions and doubts so many times but still he helped me without getting Notial and his juniors helped me in my research paper work.

He is an amazing mentor, I learned a lot from him and he is great to intern with.

Best things

Best thing was of course the knowledge I gained, I believe it is very important for any law student to know the basics of law, court and case proceedings.

I had no idea about all this and no other very prominent senior lawyer or his juniors would have taken out some time to help me with all this like he did.

Other good things includes improvisation in my researching skills and I got to make some contacts because of him.

Bad things

I can only think of one bad thing right now and that is that I wish I got more work there were some days when I had no work to do at all, and all I was doing was sipping coffee but the days when I got to work were really exiting.


No stipend

Biggest Lessons

The biggest thing that I learned is that just because his name is not on any famous law website does not mean that he can’t teach me anything or I will have a bad internship experience.

I think its best to learn the procedure and details of court case proceedings from a lawyer like him as no other big law firm or lawyer will invest in so much of time in your personal growth.

Another big thing that I learned from him was that never say no to any work or shy away from any work given to you.

Any Other Thing

At the end I would like to say that this was probably the best I could have had for my first internship.

I had a great time, most importantly I learned a lot which also helped me in my studies, I have Code of Civil Procedure 1908 as one of my subject in third year and when we started to study it.

I was surprised to see that i already knew about the basics of it.

Internship is the best and the most important time of your learning period use it wisely and gain from it as much as you can.


I did not stayed in a pg, as I stay in Delhi and Mr. Notial lives and works in Delhi as well but I am sure you can find one near Tis Hazari Court or Rohini Court, most of the cases taken up by Mr. Notial happen to proceed in Rohini Court and Tis Hazari Court.

Office Timings

The timings were pretty flexible.

Usually I used to report at 9:00 am and leave by 3:00 pm but there were sometimes when he use to ask me to stay back till 5:00.

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