Internship Experience @ Adv. Rachhpal S. Thakur, Pathankot: Watching young judges in courtrooms was inspiring!

Name of the Intern, College, Year

Shivrit Dhadwal, University Institute Of Legal Studies, Chandigarh University, Mohali. (1st semester)

Name of the Lawyer

Advocate Rachhpal S. Thakur, District & Sessions Court, Pathankot



Duration of Internship

We only had 20-day winter holidays so I had less than a month to intern. I did my internship from 11th December to 22nd December from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. I was not able to continue further due to court holidays.

Although the duration of my internship was very less but I learnt a lot and made full use of every single day.

It was 9th December soon after coming from Chandigarh, I decided to go to the court the next day. Many of my friends didn’t want to intern after the 1st semester as they all wanted to enjoy there holidays but I wanted to make full use of these holidays.

First Day, First Impressions

I was very excited to visit the court for the first time in my life and to meet new people. I did my internship under the guidance of Mr Rachhpal S. Thakur.

He is a civil as well as a criminal lawyer. He is a very humble, knowledgeable and a man of principles. Indeed, I was lucky and the first student to be interning under him as its rare to find law students interning in the district courts especially in Pathankot.

The first impression of District Court was very good and encouraging. The infrastructure of the court is really well maintained, clean and decent.

Main tasks

Main tasks were to attend the hearings and note all things that would help one understand the working of the court and since sir deals with civil as well as criminal cases, I got to read many case files related to civil as well as criminal cases.

There were many interesting cases regarding evacuation of rental accommodation, suits for the injunction, criminal cases on culpable homicide, and cases related to the arms act, motor vehicle act, consumer protection act, family law, etc.

I also learnt basics of drafting a plaint, written statement, legal notice and an affidavit too.

Work environment

The work environment is really very good and all the senior advocates were very friendly. Watching young judges in the courtrooms was very much inspiring.

Best things

One of the best things about working under sir was observing a variety of cases, observing sir cross-examining in the court. I suggest everyone to have basic knowledge of CrPC or CPC. Otherwise, it creates a problem in understanding the working of the court. I used to google whenever I use to come across any such problem. after all, Google can answer anything!

Internships are often one of the greatest learning experiences, finding the right internship after first semester itself can be difficult as many believe that one should enjoy now and intern later and also due to a sheer number of options. But there are still some good options like interning at an NGO or at the district court.

This internship help me understand that the actual reality of functioning of courts is totally different from what one read in books in the law schools.

Therefore, one should intern in a district court since the major work happens here and one should really strengthen the base before going to higher courts for an internship as the judicial system rests on our lower courts and I always believe in following hierarchy.

If you are ambitious about joining judicial services like I am, seeing young judges in the courtrooms would be very much inspiring.

And the best thing – everyone thinks you are a lawyer if you are in formals ;), a young lawyer.

After completing this internship I have some experience to put on my CV and on my LinkedIn profile. The best feeling is adding your work experience on your cv 😉

I believe its better to start now, and start small, than not at all.

Bad things

No bad things as such.

As it was winters and it was cold in Pathankot, waking up early in the morning was the most difficult for me 🙂 But when I remembered what my aim of my life is I forgot all these things.

As it has been rightly said, you always have to sacrifice something when you want to achieve something.


No Stipend.


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