Internship Experience @ Chambers of Advocate Purshottam Panjwani, District Court, Bhopal: Read Case Files, Go to Court, Clear Doubts

Name of the Intern

Shewangee Singh, Institute of Law Nirma University, 2nd Year

Name of the Lawyer

Advocate Purshottam Panjwani, District Court, Bhopal

Application Procedure

Interested students can apply by directly contacting his office and through mail too.

Address- Flat No.6/1, Amaltas Parisar, Near Manisha Market, Shahpura, Bhopal

Duration of Internship

It was a period of 1 month- 3rd November to 30th November with timings from 11:30 am to 5:00 pm.

First impression of District Court was very good and encouraging.The infrastructure of the court is really well maintained, clean and decent. Though being a girl i was subjected to a lot of stares, which quite frankly happens at every district court, but you can follow the same mantra I did which was they stare at you-you stare at them back and they turn their faces away or you could just ignore them.

There are no first day formalities as such and you just have to show up with a note pad and pen if you wish. A proper court attire is expected in court which can range from formal to kurti too which of course should be in Black and White manner.

There’s a hygienic canteen, a bank and an excellent library present which allows free access to interns too.

PS: Interns are not required to pay for parking in court premises too.

Main Tasks

Main tasks were to attend the hearings and make note of all the things that would increase one’s knowledge about the working of the court and since sir only deals with criminal cases, one can build a strong base. Along with that one can read all the case files for thorough understanding by going to office daily after court or weekends. You can also state your preference that you want to work in the office only or in the court.

Work Environment

The work environment is really positive and all the juniors and other senior advocates are friendly and approachable. The judges too are encouraging and provide meaningful insights.

Best Things

One of the best things about working under Sir is the variety of cases that one gets to observe. Since the major work is done in District Court one should really strengthen that base before going to higher courts for internship.

One should also have basic knowledge of CrPC as lack of it creates a big hindrance towards understanding the working of the court. So I strongly suggest some before hand knowledge of CrPC or CPC because the advocates won’t teach it to you as they are so busy themselves.

They can guide you and clear your doubts but won’t dictate you each and everything. Same goes for working under Sir, he’ll guide you but don’t expect spoon feeding. Ask-see-research.

Bad Things

The only bad things are the creepy stares that one is subjected too but apart from that everything is fine!


No Stipend.

Biggest Lessons

Biggest lessons that I learnt was inquisitiveness is the key to better research. You have to keep asking the juniors and sir about the working and filing of the cases and sections which he tells you about.

Don’t just stop at the sections, read the sections-go through it and sure enough before you know it you’ll not only be good at CrPC but also understand it’s practical application which you observed in the court.

So read the case files, Go to Court, have your doubts cleared and do through research on that.

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