Internship Experience @ Senior Advocate Prashant Chandra, Lucknow: Huge Amount of Drafting Work

Name, College, Year of Study

Siddharth Pandey, ICFAI Law School Dehradun, 2nd Year

Name of Organisation and Location

Prashant Chandra, Senior Advocate, Chamber No. 30, High Court, Lucknow

Application Process

Self Applied, through submission of CV.

Duration of Internship

13th June, 2017 – 13th July, 2017

First Day Formalities and Infrastructure

There were no such formalities.I had an ice-breaking session with one of the associates.

Overall a well established law firm with well arranged case files year wise and other law books.

Main Tasks

My tasks include case studies and drafting.

Work Environment

A very good office environment.

Advocate Prashant Chandra, LucknowAll the associates were very good and interactive.

Bad Things

There were no such bad things.They were very strict regarding work and time.

You have to inform them at least one week prior before taking leave.

Biggest Lessons

Being punctual and hardworking is must for a lawyer. You must know at least proper English and Hindi since it helps us in the field of litigation and also in matters involving huge amount of drafting.

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