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Internship @ Chambers of Senior Advocate Parag P Tripathi, Delhi : Wonderful Juniors, Lovely Experience, No Stipend


Name of the organisation. City. Office Address. How was the office? Team strength.

Senior Advocate, Parag P. Tripathi ( ex-Additional Solicitor General ) Supreme Court of India. They have two offices , both in Bengali Market, New Delhi. One is at 19, Central Lane, Bengali Market, New Delhi , the other one is at 21, Babar Lane.

Both the offices are good. Desktops from Apple! Which are though very good to look at , but I had a tough time to get used to it! Air conditioned rooms make it very comfortable! There were total of 5 juniors under him.

Duration of internship

May 6 – 26 (3 weeks)

Application procedure? Internship Contact Details

I got in through a contact, but there were two interns who had applied and got through. Therefore, its not that tough! I used the contact because I had one!

For internship you can contact here-¬†[email protected]com

Duration in weeks. Days of work per week. Timings.

I interned there for three weeks.¬†The juniors there work 6 days, sometimes when there’s lots of work¬†even on Sundays!¬†But for interns its 5 days.¬†Working hours : 9.30 – 7 .

At times I left early, not before 6.30, and at times I left after 8.30, when there was work!

First impression, first day, formalities.

It was located at a very good place! All advocates offices were right there, It was good to see , people around me in black and white ! With Jaguar, Bentley crossing me, and Costa Coffee being a 5 minute walk away, I was happy to enter the office.

I reached at 9.30 sharp. I was to meet Puran Ji, the head clerk there, so that I could get the documents required for getting a pass made to go to the Supreme Court and High Court. Day One, I was asked to do the same.

After getting the pass made , I came back to the office. and by four¬†something, one of the juniors’ came to the room where the interns were¬†and spoke to us and his jolly behavior made my first day a success!

Main tasks

There was mainly research work! Also, I went to the supreme court and the high court, and they also take you to see Arbitratio , if there is any going on. It was a treat to hear Mr.Tripathi argue!

He’s amazing , so confident, so jolly and so good at his work. He’s very cool but when it comes to work, he¬†wants it on time and wants it to be proper!

Work environment, people

I was working at the first office, that’s in the basement, but the air¬†conditioned room, the sweet helpful people, and two juniors who were¬†there in that office, made it a LOVELY experience!¬†The coffee machine, the nearby Bengali market, Nathus made it even¬†better!

You don’t get to interact with Mr. Tripathi a lot, but he’ll always¬†acknowledge you and give you work. At times he even asks you to attend¬†the conferences and actually talk to the clients!

His juniors are WONDERFUL! The things that law school and internships cannot teach you, they TEACH you those LESSONS about jobs,
internships, litigation, firms etc!

The work given to interns during that duration was not a lot, because the courts were about to be closed, and the supreme court was already closed, but the work they gave, they made sure to keep a check and keep helping us, whenever we went the wrong way researching!

The best things AND the bad things

BEST THINGS: EVERYTHING!  The juniors were AMAZING! The office could be reached easily! They were helpful! And seeing Mr.Tripathi argue so beautifully, I think, it was worth standing in the sun getting the court pass made!

BAD THINGS: Nothing as such. Sometimes there was no work, but that time went gaining knowledge about life once you start working and yes, no stipend!



Accommodation etc. What did you to do chill in and around the office and the place of stay?

I didn’t take a PG, I was staying at a friend’s at Gurgaon. Though it¬†took me an hour and 15 minutes to reach, travelling wasn’t an issue!¬†Easily accessible via metro. Mandi House being the nearest metro.

A 10 minute walk and you reach the office. A Rs.30 auto from the office to Supreme Court and High Court!

BENGALI MARKET is something every foodie would love! Nathus Bakery, Sweet Shop added to it! CP was close by! So yes, SHOPPING AT CP, when I got free early and lunch at Pizza Hut at CP at times made up for the long travelling time!

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    Currently I am working as Stenographer with Secretary with Sr. Adv. in Bengali Market. I have 35 experience. I am interested to work with you as part time in evening 7.00 pm onwards. Please send your response by return of email/SMS.





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