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Internship @ Advocate-on-Record (AOR) Gopal Singh: Court Procedures and Drafting Work, No Stipend

By: The Admin | February 5, 2015

Internship Experience submitted by Gaurav Kumar, 4th year at KIIT Law School, Bhubaneshwar.

Delhi, a metro city, Capital of our country, full of energy, crowd and busy persons entangled in their own lives.

I came to Delhi for the 2nd time for internship in the SC of India under the tutelage of Mr. Gopal Singh, A.O.R. & standing counsel of Bihar & Tripura. Supreme Court of India, a destination of every lawyer and a dream for every student to be a part of it in future.

I resided in Laxmi Nagar at M. P Galaxy. It is a hub of students and you can easily get your food according to your taste and the quality of food is great and price is cheap.

Application Process: Via personal contact, though one can go by application process as well. Email ID: gopalsingh1[at]gmail.com

[Editor’s note: please do NOT send your CV right now, like NOW, to this email ID. Read the internship experience and carefully consider if you want to apply or not. If you want to apply, send a custom made CV and cover letter]

Duration of internship and timings: 28th June-19th July, 2014, usually the timing was from 9 am to 4 pm.

1st day: I entered from the main gate no.4, I saw police were checking bonnet and back side of vehicles but suddenly I realized that they didn’t check the inside of any vehicle  (whether it may not give invitation to big crimes?)

First day formalities and infrastructure: When Chamber was spacious, I met Manish sir (he is a junior under Goapal sir), and he took a formal introduction.

I made my Supreme Court entry Pass to enter in the premises and I had my lunch in the advocate canteen, where self service system had been put to an end and staffs were well dressed and often banter with interns.

Lesson Learnt: I met Gopal Sir in court premises where he noticed my dress and beard, that point of time he didn’t tell me a single word, when I followed him to the office, he taught me some basic etiquettes before coming to this Respected Place, I followed what he said because at that moment I realized that I made a mistake, and his words gave me a lesson of life and profession.

Work Experience: I learnt many things related to the General exceptions of IPC, SLP (Special Leave Petition), Court Visiting, went through case files, drafted and made a short brief of the facts and I was also assigned and I framed the arguments from both the sides on the ‘GAIL gas pipeline leakage’.

Work environment and people: Manish sir is very talented and full of energy good co-coordinator; work environment was good with lots to learn with no Stipend.

Bad things: Frankly speaking I used only my 24 to 40 hours during my 21 days internship period because they were too busy with their own work.

I also noticed one interesting character in the Supreme Court i.e. ‘Chai Samosa Wala’.

Chai wala want to offer tea to every person inside the premise he convinced the customers but they refused when they hear about the rate of tea and samosa- but according to me he is a nice person and may be irritating some times when he comes again and again for offering tea and samosa at same rate to the same people.

Other Thing: One more important thing, it is a general principle that, if you won’t approach to the associate or any other legal luminary, you won’t get any work, it would be better if you grab the opportunity (In Hindi “Pyaase ko kuye (well) ke paas jaana chahye”).

When I see the respect & power of judges, advocates who come in luxurious and expensive vehicles, then I ask a question from myself – Can I make something large for myself which will give me and my parents immense happiness of life?

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