Internship @ Advocate MG Vacher, Tiz Hazari Court, New Delhi: The earthy, practical knowledge of a district court internship

Name of Organisation, Location, Team Strength:

Advocate M.G.Vacher, Tiz Hazari Court, Delhi, 4 Advocates.

Application Process:

I got my internship through my relative but you can directly contact Mr M.G.Vacher either through telephone or personally visiting him ,there are no harsh rule or formality. The office is located in Tiz Hazari Court.

Contact Details:

Advocate M.G.Vacher, Mobile No :  9810429034.

Editor’s note: Before calling any lawyer, please do drop in an SMS to check when he/she’d be free.

Office Address : Chamber : 234,Civil Wing,Tiz Hazari Court, Delhi – 110054

Duration of internship and timings

Though I was interning under the office of Advocate M.G.Vacher but I was appointed under his associate – Adv. S.B.Pattanaik.

I interned under him from July 7, 2013 – August 8, 2014, – 1 month. The timing for reaching the office were flexible but whenever there was a case for hearing we were asked to report to the courtroom sharp at 10:00 in the morning.

Office hours were also flexible. You can reach by 10 or 11 in the morning and can leave early if you have any work. There was no strict or hard rule to leave the office by any particular time.

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

I reached the office and Adv M.G.Vacher asked to me general information like my name, whether its my first internship, college name etc.

He is very polite and helpful and after asking me with general queries he told me to be comfortable and allowed me that I can read any file , ask any question to any of the associate or even to him personally and can visit the court proceeding if I want.

After that he appointed me with his associate Adv. S.B.Pattanaik. As mentioned before the chamber is located in Tiz Hazari Court, New Delhi, its easy to locate it. The chamber  was small which can fit 5 people at max., but well furnished.

Main tasks

My main task was to go though case files, make a report on the same and visit the Court proceeding.

Since, I was curious to understand the procedure that how a case is admitted, I was asked to go along with the the associated Advocate under whom I was appointed to understand the process.

Work environment and people

The work environment at Adv. M.G.Vacher was both OK. There was no air conditioning in the chamber leading to face harsh summers of Delhi.

But work was good. Interns made regular visits to Court as there were pending cases there also. .

Best things

If its your first internship, it will be your place to work as if you don’t have knowledge they will provide with all the knowledge regarding practical world. They are very polite, helpful  and humble. You will not be feel hesitance to ask any question over there 

And for the once whose its second or third or any number of internship you will be also very helpful to intern here as they are ready to provide you with lots of work and give you as much practical experience as possible.

Bad things

Harsh summers and no air conditioning in office.


None, but a lot of perks and treats.

Biggest Lessons

Experiencing practical world is far more different than gaining knowledge.

The knowledge from your teachers, books, internet and through any other source is very sufficient for you to stand somewhere  in society but by gaining experience through practical life makes you stand on your own feet, making you independent.

The entry was a part of the Summer Internship Experience Writing Competition organized by LexisNexis and Lawctopus. was the learning partner for the competition.

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