Internship Experiece @ Advocate Mayur Khandeparkar, Bombay High Court: Learnt how to read a case and work on it, Stipend of Rs. 1500

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Mayur Khandeparkar, Counsel, Bombay High Court, Bombay, Team Strength – Works all by himself

Application Process

I sent him my CV and followed up after that.

Duration of internship and timings

5th June, 2015 – 30th June, 2015

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

My first day was a Saturday and it was the weekend before the Bombay High Court was about to start work after its summer vacation. He had told me to come to his office at 9 and I was there half an hour early. I waited for him in his office, his clerk had already come. He worked alone and so except for him and his clerk, there really is no one in his office.

At exactly 9, I am sitting in the waiting area and the office door opens and like a hurricane, he walks in, shoots off the case files he needs his clerk to get for him and disappears in his chamber. His office is quite tiny but really well furnished.

All this while, I am sitting there with my mouth open and trying to process what just happened, not even sure if he had seen me. But then 5 minutes later, I am called inside his chamber and he is already reading some case file. He puts it down and asks me to sit. There is a huge oval table in his office and he sits at the head of that. He tells me that that is where I’ll be working.

He makes it clear that there will be no formalities of any sort and that he just expects me to do the work he gives me.

Main tasks

On my first day, he told me the only thing he expected me to do: Read any case file he gave me from start to finish, regardless of how thick it was.

He gave me one or two files to read every single day. On my first day, he gave me a case to read and after I was done, he sat with me for almost an hour and discussed it with me. I learnt a lot on my first day itself.

In other tasks, after my first week of reading, he gave me some drafting work. He asked me to draft a list of dates and events for a case. I also attended a cross-examination and all his conferences along with him.

And in my third and final week, he gave me a final hearing case all to myself. He asked me to study it, read it, go through it a million times. He asked me to make a concise note of it. The case had a lot of cross-examination. So he asked me to make a table where all questions and the topics related to those were covered in a simple manner which he could refer to when arguing before the judge. I worked on that case for one whole week, I would take it home and work through the night.

He was originally going to be the second counsel for that case. But the day the case was going to come up for final hearing, he had another final hearing case he had to go for. So he had trusted me with that case so much that not only did he let me brief the senior counsel for that case at the Bombay High Court but he also let me be the second counsel for that case instead of him on the day of the final hearing.

I was extremely excited and on my last day incidentally, the case came up for final hearing but the case got adjourned to a later date. I was really disappointed. He saw that and so he asked me to fly back to Bombay just for the day of the final hearing. He asked me to work on the case after my internship at home as well.

And I worked on it till the day the case came. I flew to Bombay for a day, attended the final hearing. The senior counsel could not be present that day and so he had to argue. So then he made me sit right behind him while he was arguing and basically made me do all the work that a second counsel does.

It was the best experience of my life!

Work environment and people

Work environment was quite chilled out. There were no formalities. He and his wife took me out for lunch on my last day. They were extremely friendly and I could talk to them about anything related to law.

Best things

The best thing was the experience I had working so closely on a case. I have never experienced something like that. Sitting right in front of the judge and answering any question my boss asked in a matter of seconds was some high adrenaline work.

Bad things

The duration I felt was very less. I had just started working properly when the internship ended. I wish I had more time to intern under him.


Rs. 1500 – my first ever stipend.

Biggest Lessons

I learnt how to read a case and work on it closely. I had a taste of how it is to brief a senior counsel. That was my first ever civil court internship with hardcore work and I loved every second of it.


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