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Internship @ Advocate LB Rai, Delhi: Small Office, Little Work for Interns

By: User Submitted | September 26, 2014

Name of Organisation, Location, Team Strength

The office of L.B. Rai, Senior Advocate, High Court; Nirman Vihar, New Delhi ; Small office consisting of four people

Application Process

I applied to L.B. Rai and Co. in my first year. I was looking up online for a not so big law firm to intern in and found L.B. Rai and Co. on Google and emailed them on [email protected].

Here’s the link to their website : www.lbraiandcompany.com

I would also advise applicants to call up on the contact number given on the website and to enquire about the status of their application.

Duration of internship and timings

Duration of the internship was three weeks and timings were 9:30 am to 6:30 pm.

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

This was my first internship and I expected a huge office.

But the office was as big as a classroom with a main chamber for Mr. L.B Rai , and the outer area with several computer systems for other associates of the office [there were 2 associates back in 2011] , clerks and interns.

The first feeling was of disappointment. The office didn’t as¬†amazing as law offices were told to be.

On my first day, Mr. Rai was in court the whole day and I had to find case laws on certain points of law he had emailed me about the previous day.

There was no Manupatra or SCC online or anything. So I enquired of the clerk, how Mr Rai searched for cases, the clerk said that he looks into Delhi Law Times for case laws. I obviously did not want to go through DLTs for case law research, so I used Indian Kanoon [yes, I am not very proud of it].

Main tasks

Main task was case law research, clerical work and attending proceedings in Delhi High Court and trial courts.

Work environment and people

Work environment was okayish. This is an okay internship for first years ONLY.

People speak in Hindi in the office at all times and those who aren’t comfortable with Hindi should refrain from applying.

People [including Mr. Rai] were polite and approachable.

Best things

The best things :

1. They ordered food on their expenses everyday.

2. Work was chilled out.

3. You could always attempt to leave early.

Bad things

1. Small office.

2. Only case law research  [that too from Indian Kanoon]



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