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Internship Experience @ Chambers of Advocate Apar Gupta, New Delhi: Draft Rejoinders and Legal Notices, Court Visits

Name. College. Year of Study 


Name of the organization. City 

Chambers of Advocate Apar Gupta, New Delhi

Duration of the internship

One month, October 2016

How big was the office? Team strength? 

There were 5 lawyers and 2 juniors in the office. However, one mostly gets to work under only 2 of the lawyers, so you are guaranteed personal attention.

Application procedure. Internship contact details 

I applied via e-mail, with my CV to [email protected]

Duration in weeks. No. of days/week. Timings 

It was a 4 week internship in October 2016. Timings are fairly flexible, and you are expected to stay as long as you need to stay to complete your work.

However if there is no work or you have some other commitments, you are often permitted to leave early.

Accommodation: how, where, how was it? 

I took up accommodation in Delhi. Stayed at a PG which is right opposite the office. There are a bunch of PGs in the region which one can opt for. While in Delhi, stay is not the best PG in terms of living quality and comfort, it’s proximity to the office makes life incredibly convenient.

First impression. First day, formalities etc. 

The first day started out with a brief introduction to the office and the people I would be working under. The office is quite swanky, with its own terrace, kitchen and conference room and you get a comfortable spot to settle down in. There is a very smooth feel to the entire office and a good collection of commentaries/material in order to help you.

There were barely any formalities that were required, and everyone was incredibly friendly and helpful in the office.

Main tasks

I got the opportunity to work on very different kinds of tasks, which made my internship experience incredibly wholesome. I started out by researching and preparing research documents and briefs on issues of digital personal jurisdiction and the code of civil procedure.

This soon evolved into extremely comprehensive and challenging work on the Aadhar Act, where I got the opportunity to scrutinize the Act, develop core legal challenges to the Act from scratch, and invest time into original ideas, which I had the opportunity to get personally reviewed by Apar Sir and locate within the larger challenge.

I was then tasked with drafting rejoinders, replies and legal notices, all the while observing proceedings in the Courtrooms. I had the wonderful opportunity to interact extensively with Sir, and develop my understanding of free speech and privacy jurisprudence, as well as indulge in some very engaging discussion on these issues.

Work environment, people 

The work environment is extremely relaxed and the people are very chill. No one micro-manages your work and you are able to define your own method of carrying out your task as long as you deliver.

The extra-legal staff is also incredibly helpful, especially considering the fact that this was my first litigation internship, they helped me navigate the Courtrooms and understand how Courts work.

Best things

The chance to personally interact with and get your work reviewed by Sir is incredibly rewarding. The atmosphere in the office is highly passionate about certain incredibly important issues such as privacy and free speech, and this presents an opportunity to discuss and develop an understanding of these concepts in a pragmatic and effective manner, divorced from the idealism that usually dominates these discussions

Bad things

I interned in a month when Court holidays were going on, which meant the workload was very light and I was often in a situation where I had no work. I don’t think this would be the case all year round though.

What did you do to chill? Co-interns, colleagues 

I had no co-interns, but the Juniors were incredibly helpful and would often chat to you about life in law school, give you advice on things and listen to your whining about whatever you want to whine about.

There are a bunch of food joints nearby, and a great, albeit expensive bar right opposite the office if you’re so inclined.

Stipend/ month 


Anything else you’d like to tell 

Intern here if you are genuinely interested in technology policy, free speech and privacy in order to refine your approach towards these issues and learn a lot of new stuff.

Biggest lessons 

My biggest lesson was an understanding of how idealistic concepts often play out in the real world, and therefore why civil rights advocacy must escape this bubble of idealism and fancy jargon to be effective at bringing about actual change.

I was fortunate to have multiple conversations with Sir about this, and it was something I carried with me even after my internship, not to mention the book that Sir just handed over to me on the last day to read!

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