Internship Experience @ Advocate Anand Varma, Delhi High Court: Learnt how to conduct myself in front of client

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An advocate registered in UP, currently practicing in Delhi High Court. Anand Varma has his office in Defence Colony, Delhi. He has two juniors and a clerk in his office other than two practicing colleagues.
He is a family friend of mine so he allowed me to intern with him.

Duration of internship and timings

The duration of internship was of 5 weeks from 29.05.2015 to 31.06.2015.

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

First day, I got in at 10, finding no one at office; the office boy asks me sit in conference room and wait for Mr.Varma. He arrived a bit late and gave a little introduction of his and other people in the office. He asked me to introduce myself to other colleagues of his in the office and another fellow intern.

His office is a quite spacious spread through two floors. It had a two conference rooms, a lounge and offices for receptionist, clerks and his colleagues. There was a library having almost a 1000 books and all SCRs and SCCs.

Main tasks

On the first day itself, as I was in first year, it was made clear to me that I would mainly be doing file reading and research. If possible, I would also be going to courts with him or his colleagues holding files in my hand.

He was quite easy on us, generally. But when we had a lot of work or a deadline, we were on our heels.

Work environment and people

Office people were very nice to me. If I did good work, towards which I strived, I was given a pat at the back or even a few kind words of encouragement.

Best things

Best thing about him is that he is very smart; he picked up mistakes in my work as somebody sees a fly in the glass of milk. He was quick in his words and actions and believed in hard work. On my last day there, he asked me to work harder in future and gain my rewards.

Bad things

The only bad thing which I can think of about him was that he was often late to the office. But that he made up by working late and also at home.


There was no stipend as such but I learnt more than I could get in mint.

Biggest Lessons

This was my first internship so I observed and learnt. I learnt how to conduct myself in front of client and in the court. I learnt how to research and type documents, learnt how to read files and know what is important. It was awesome to work with him.

I am fortunate that I got to work with him in my first internship. We had good days, bad days and the days on which I may have done better.

Any Other Thing

The best thing is that now I have a new-found confidence in me that I can make it through law school and most importantly that I chose the right path for me.

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