Internship @ Advocate Ajay Rai, High Court, New Delhi : The practical world is different from what we learn in books

 Name of Organisation, Location, Team Strength

Adv. Mr. Ajay Rai, High Court, New Delhi

Application Process

I got the internship confirmed from the college internship committee. The office is located in the Patiyala House (the famous court).

Duration of internship and timings

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I interned under Advocate Ajay RAi from May 2 to May 27, 2012. The timing for reaching the office were flexible but whenever there was a case for hearing we were asked to report to the courtroom sharp at 10:00 in the morning.

Office hours were also flexible. You can reach by 10 or 12 in the morning and can leave early if you have any work.

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

I reached the office with all the necessary document. My lawyer asked me to fill up a form and then asked me whether I can do fieldwork.

After my confirmation Mr. Ajay Rai gave me some files and asked me to go through them. In the afternoon we made a court visit to appear for an hearing.

As mentioned before the office cabin in located in Patiyala House, New Delhi, its easy to locate it, since it is in front of the great India Gate. The office cabin was small which can fit 6 people at max., but well furnished.

Main tasks

My main task was to go though case files, make a report on the same and if necessary draft the application and affidavits for the same.

Other than that we made regular court visits (not only Patiyala House, but also Tees Hazari Court, Saket Court, Dwarka Court, High Court & Supreme Court).

Since, I was curious to understand the procedure that how a case is admitted, I was asked to go along with the clerk of the office to understand the process.

Work environment and people

The work environment at Mr. Ajay Rai’s office was both good and bad. There was no air conditioning in the cabin leading to face harsh summers of Delhi. But work was good.

Interns made regular visits to High court and Supreme Court as there were pending cases there also. It was like I am working as a lawyer, who has to work day & night, visit court regularly and doing field work like meeting clients, convincing them etc.

Best things

I came to know how to convince clients. How to win their hearts.

I learnt client counselling and actually convinced a client with his problem.

Bad things

Harsh summers and no air conditioning in office.


None, but a lot of perks and treats.

Biggest Lessons

The practical world is different from what we learn in books. A normal lawyer has to work day and night to become successful, not only from knowledge but also from his karma.

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