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Bharat Rajani, Fairfield Institute of Management & Technology, Delhi, 5th Semester

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I would say it was my sheer luck. At the end of my first year I had no idea where to go, whom should I look for and how to apply for an internship. So I went to Lawyers Chamber in Dwarka District Court.

One of the lawyer their suggested to approach Advocate Rajesh Rai gave his number too. I talked to him on phone. He was very polite. He asked me to arrive at his office i.e. 696, Akshardham Apartments, Pocket 3, Sec 19, Dwarka.

He asked me to give a brief intro, put up few basic question of law (since I was in 1st year and not much in law) and assented to join from the same day. Although one can send him his/her CV at [email protected]

Duration of internship and timings

I interned here for 6 weeks w.e.f June 13, 2016 – July 30, 2016.

Last year too I interned here w.e.f June 29, 2015 – July 24, 2015.

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

As I already mention he was polite on phone. He was soft, friendly and got sympathized with me because I was no good at all. I was too nervous, low on my voice. Although my CV was bit impressive may be my 75% aggregate or moot court achievements.

There were no formalities at all. I was asked to join from the same day. He handed over to me a file and asked me to read it. After an hour he called me and asked to summarize.

He appreciated me for that too. He explained certain things to me. Also instructed me to be in court everyday before 10 AM.

Work place is good. The office is a classic one I say there are two system placed one for the accounts work and the other one for the legal work. Then two office rooms one is for Associates and Rajesh Sir has the other one.

Various books and all the bare acts were there and I had access to all of them even Sir has provided me Manupatra access.

As I already mention while talking to him on phone I found he’s polite. Working with him for a month and since then in continuous touch with him I find he’s pretty straight forward, full of himself, down to earth, polite, hard-n-smart working, punctual and loyal to his work.

Talking about the work environment there is strict adherence to work while you are on something. If he finds you are not working, he calls you in his office room and ask u about the progress and development made.

Main tasks

My main tasks were:

• Read the case files listed for next day in the court and to be present in there before even Rajesh Sir reaches the court.

• Come back from the court and do what has been ordered in the same case and then move on to next day’s listed cases. Like once we were ordered to file ‘Evidence by way of affidavit’, I return back to office and prepared and placed the same in file, Work done.

• Completing the remaining work ordered in other cases like preparing questions for cross examination.

• Filing fresh cases, plaints, written statement or rejoinder etc. or interim applications in the ongoing cases, research work, issuing legal notice.

Work environment and people

Work environment is very nice according to me. The thing is there were no interns or associates there during office hours.

We all meet up in the court and once the work is done I the court, we all assemble in the office, they collect the case files listed for next day and leave.

So the only intern left there was me. I, one accountant and Sir used to be in office. I find it good because I’m not much in the awe of the company of people.

Talking about Sir, I worked with him for total 3 months and is in touch with him till now so I find him pretty straight forward, full of himself, down to earth, polite, hard-n-smart working, punctual and loyal to his work.

I tell you while filing a suit against a big builder company one among his clients asked what will he do if they approach him? He replied if I betray you that means I betray your whole association i.e. 55 people and this betrayal cost him much than what he gets from the company.

Also those 55 will communicate to other people and that’s something I don’t want. Although a very mathematical answer but the best way to make any common man understand.

He’s a Professional, but a great teacher. I made many mistakes but was never scolded for even one instead he use to share some life experiences. I was late most of the time but never get scolded.

Once he told me getting late is bad run keeping track with time is essential. He pointed out at the gate keeper of his society and told me

‘That gate keeper is working harder than me but still is not able to earn his livelihood because he didn’t worked when it was time to.

A really nice part was he knew that I get late but trusted me with work. Once he trusted me with inspection of a MACT case. Also he said to me once ‘You go to Dwarka Court tomorrow, gave me the files, one was for evidence and another was of execution.

They were simple tasks and being appreciated for them is very encouraging and motivating when u know that the way it’s not that easy to be a lawyer. ‘It’s a long way to go but I can do it’ that I felt and that marked the end of my internship so well.

Best things

He always appreciated me for my drafting skill sometimes told me to be careful because I’m much in the story making.

My best experience when I handled the whole District Consumer Forum case. The lawyer deals with the cases of NCDRC and it was the first time he took such a case reason being me. He took it for me. A man bought Hitachi AC which stopped working within 1 year which was having 7 years of warranty.

I prepared the Written Submission, the case proceeded ex-parte. The forum ordered compensation of Rs. 8000. Unsatisfied with it, consulting with the client, I filed for revision too.

I termed it as ‘the best’ experience till now because it’s my first time face-to-face with the practicality and workings of a judicial system.

Bad things

I don’t find any bad thing. I enjoyed there a lot. Sir’s company was always inspiring and admiring.


Rs. 2000

Biggest Lessons

Interning there for total 3 months I read, researched and dealt with more than 50 cases, I’ve come across various statutes through case files like Provincial Insolvency Act. There was a case where the man was to be declared insolvent.

I was well versed with the facts and further proceedings, researched every nook of the provision and the statute but didn’t get the chance, very unluckily. I asked Sir, if he could allow me, he replied don’t act in haste, let the time come I’ll allow u to deal with even more complicated cases.

After sometime when he loaded me with a bundle of cases, at that moment I realized that I was negatively untouched to deal with a case.

Any Other Thing

I’d been to various meetings with him (in which one was with the Chairman of DDA, he talked to him put forth his point but Chairman was adamant then he very politely conveyed to the latter that either their work should be done or they’ll handle it legally, a nice experience as to how to deal with authorities as well).

Rajesh Sir is an Arbitrator in HDFC and ICICI Bank, so sometimes I have to deal with arbitration matter. The frequently asked question was ‘Why have you served us this notice’, those who read the notice they were baffled as to who exactly served them notice and then reason.

So I’ve to answer all of their queries and tell them how to avoid receiving such notices in future. One such incident was that a man took car loan from HDFC so he asked me whether surrendering the car to bank would be a good solution?

I suggested him it would be better to sell it to anyone else than surrendering it to bank because bank will auction it at scrap value.


Since we both were in Delhi so I stayed in my college hostel as I’m not a Delhite.

Office Timings

Office hours are from 4 PM to 7.30 PM. Everyday I’ve to be in the court before 10 AM, even before Sir reaches there. He’s punctual and always reaches court 10 minutes prior and so were the office timings.

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