Internship @ Advani & Co., Pune: 1200 words/week, good work, no stipend

Internship Experience at Advani and Co., Pune


Name of the intern: Neha Jain, Hidayatullah National Law University (HNLU), 3rd year

Place of Internship: Advani & Co., Barristers at law, Pune office

Size of the office: The office could not be said to be luxurious but was big enough for the number of people  working there. There were 2-3 associates, 1 senior associate and 1 partner working and considering the number of people, the office was of a fairly decent size.

The interns were provided adequate space to work, there was also a conference room where interns could sit, although there was a scarcity of desktops but you were allowed to work on your own laptops.

The office was fully wi-fi enabled so there was no problem of internet access.

Application process: I applied personally & mailed my CV to their email id: [email protected] , if there is any vacancy they would give you a confirmation call but you need to do follow up & call them after sending your CV.

Duration/timing of the internship: Advani and Co provides internship for at least a period of 4 weeks but in special circumstances they might consider a 3 weeks internship (which is less likely to happen).

The usual office hours are 10:30 a.m to 7:00 p.m but interns usually show up till 11:00-11:30. Only Sundays are off and you have half day on Saturdays i.e from 11:00 to 3:00.The dress code is formals on weekdays and casuals on Saturdays.

There were interns from almost every year,one was from 2nd year, me being from 3rd year and there were 2-3 interns from 4th year so I don’t think the firm has any policy of taking only 3rd year students & above.

Accomodation: I stayed in a PG in Viman Nagar which is around 5 km away from the office (Boat Club Road) but the buses are easily available and you can take any bus going towards station and get down near the Central Mall, Bund Garden road.

You can even go by auto but that would be quite costly.

PG’s in Viman nagar are easily available and you can get a decent one in around 3500-4000/-.

First impression about the internship: On the first day I was made to talk to the senior associate who made me familiar with the place and told me to set up my laptop and gave me a table to work at. I was also introduced to the partner heading the Pune office, all of which took almost half an hour.

After that I was given some research work and was also made to work with a co-intern. All in all my first impression was that this is not an internship where in I could just chill out, the  office environment seemed friendly and warm and I had no problem adjusting to the place.

Main tasks: Mainly, at first I was given tasks like sorting out files, arranging them in order etc. but then I was also given research work which consisted of case law based research or some times finding specific provisions of law under which the case would fall.

I was also given work to draft certain agreements, read and make changes in civil and criminal plaint and the senior associate who was giving me work was quite helpful and would not get irritated if you ask him doubts again and again.

As far as I can decipher, Advani and Co basically is into arbitration and the workload is lesser in the Pune office as compared to the Mumbai head office hence there was not much work given to you but if you’re willing to work and keep pestering them for work they gave you substantial work.

Hiroo Advani
Hiroo Advani

Work environment: The one word that comes to my mind is “relaxed”, you have no hurry to complete a task and you can take your own time.

Mostly, people sat in their own cabins and associates rarely interacted with the interns except for work related issues and during lunch time sir would usually come by your table and ask about your lunch.

Best things:

No pressure on you to work, if you’re willing to work you’ll have to ask them and they would give you work but if you’re there just for killing time you can as well do so by not asking for work and looking busy(this can as well be a bad thing).

You are made to submit one article per week on any latest legal issue of about 1200 words which increases your exposure to the legal world and forces you to read legal news making you more aware.

This could be true for almost every internship you do but yes even here you get to learn stuff like working in a corporate office, an entry into the legal drafting world, corporate meaning of certain terms like opinion, due diligence etc.

You can still take out time for exploring the city and all the delicious food cuisines it has to offer. I would definitely recommend the street food which is both cheap and tasty and obviously the vada pao!

Worst things: You get No stipend which is the worst thing, even if its just 1000 bucks it still feels good to say that you earned it.

There would be times when you’ll have no work and you’ll have to fight the boredom through net surfing.

Chilling out: There was not much chilling out to do, although we were 4-5 interns, we usually ordered food in office  & every body ordered food at their own time, there being no fix time for lunch.

Also interns joined at different intervals & sat at different places so there was not much bonding but yes everybody did indulge in a little chit chat occasionally.

Stipend: NO

Any other thing: If you are aiming for a corporate job, this could be a good first law firm internship as it slowly introduces you to the world, just gives you a taste of it and not a full blown experience.

Biggest lessons: This internship at Advani and Co. was my second law firm internship and provided me with an chance to get practical knowledge of how work is done in the real world.

When you make a contribution and are appreciated for your efforts, its as if you’re actually helping the issue although that might not be the case.

In all, you learn how to behave professionally, what to wear, what to say, how to handle the competition etc. & these are things you would never be taught in your college.


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