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Internship @ Advani & Co., New Delhi : Awesome Team, Drafting Assignments, No Stipend

By: Neeati | July 5, 2013

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Name of the organisation. City. Office Address. How was the office?

Advani & Co., New Delhi. Ground Floor, 268 (Business India Complex), Masjid Moth, Uday Park, South Extension – II, New Delhi. The office is a little difficult to locate but one can inquire the shops in the Uday Park area about the Business India Complex and you can be easily redirected by them to the same.

The office is in the Basement Floor of the Building and it is medium sized. The unit is standard in terms of air conditioning and has been painted in cheerful hues. There is an open space with 2 desktops which is allotted to the interns.

However, the number of interns is on the high side and the same can’t fit in that area and so the conference room is entirely allocated to us. You find your spot for the rest of the month and feel really good about it

The firm has its main office in Mumbai. The legal team at New Delhi branch consists of 2 Partners (Mr. Shashank Garg and Mr. Apar Gupta), 1 Senior Associate (Ms. Shweta Saxena) and 2 Associates (Mr. Aditya Parolia and Mr. Zaid). The non legal staff included the receptionist (Pooja) and 2 working staff (Narender and Baba – they do the miscellaneous chores at the office like snacks, beverages, photocopies etc.)

Duration of internship

June 1st – June 22nd

Application procedure? Internship Contact Details

I called up the Advani and Co. office on the number mentioned on the website. The receptionist directed me to send an email to Mr. Shashank Garg who approved my internship for the month with a few hours (I was jumping with joy!)

You can send your Cover letter and CV to the email ID you will receive from the receptionist . You will receive your confirmation within a few days. They take interns depending on vacancy, so it is best that the request is sent to the firm atleast 2 months prior to the joining date.

Duration in weeks. Days of work per week. Timings.

My internship at Advani and Co. was for a duration of 3 weeks. I requested for that time period because of some personal work. You can intern for longer periods. Office timings are usually 10 am – 7 pm from Monday to Friday. On Saturdays you can come between 11am – 12pm and leave by 6pm max.

Most of the interns left by 6pm-6.30pm on the weekdays. I used to leave between 5pm – 5.30pm because I lived pretty far away (NH -8).

First impression, first day, formalities

Locating the office after a long (really long) bus journey was a little daunting but it was a one time effort. Interns were required to wear formal attire for the weekdays. Formal attire equals Shirt with formal pants (You obviously can’t wear the Blazer in the horrible heat of Delhi).

I entered the office by 10 am. I was among the first few to log myself into the daily intern book where you signed in and signed out with the respective timings.

When the receptionist entered the office, I received a form where I was required to fill up my details (Particulars, Duration etc.) and submit it with my college ID photocopy for their records.

There were two new interns at Advani and Co. apart from myself and three interns who were already training there. The first day was full of interactions with the partners and the associates.

I was allotted work on the first day itself related to Media Laws and Property Laws. The actual legal work was on the dwindling side because of the Court vacations but I was assured that I would get miscellaneous research and drafting work.

Main tasks

We were assigned a team project relating to FDI in multi-brand retail where we were required to research upon the requisites for such entries into the Indian market.

We prepared an exhaustive power point presentation on the same which was corrected quite a few times but the end result was extremely appreciated by the associate who had allotted us the work. It was an enriching experience for all of us and we had a lot of fun doing the same.

I also drafted Winding up Petitions and Interim Injunctions under the tutelage of Mr. Aditya Parolia. He painstakingly explained the entire process, the specifics of the documents and supervised me efficiently.

I also researched on several laws relating to Contracts, Property, Family matters etc. We were also assigned the jobs of analysing case files and preparing an extensive timeline document on the same. I also drafted Housing Loan Agreements for many clients.

Some of the interns were allotted arbitration work and they accompanied Mr. Garg to the arbitration proceedings.

Work environment, people

The general environment at Advani and Co. was pretty relaxed but the interns were instructed to be diligent with reporting on work progress and task completion. The partners and associates are extremely friendly people who extensively explained a task before they allocated the same to us.

They were patient if and when we committed errors in the tasks we got from them. They appreciated us equally when we completed our work with minimal exertion on their part. The entire team is young and charged and they resound very well with us college students.

They chatted with us once in a while about informal things and our future plans with respect to career choices. We were frequently rewarded with treats when we used to finish high end jobs.

Mr. Garg and Mr. Parolia took us to ‘Big Chill’ at Select Skywalk, Saket for completing the FDI project – something which all of us interns immensely enjoyed and appreciated.

Some other days, they ordered food from Fast Food Chains and pastries for small time delights. One awesome day transpired when we received chocolates from Mr. Garg after he returned from his foreign trip.

It was made clear to us that they did not do these things for all batches of interns but only those who showed true dedication and enthusiasm. So I guess, hard work does pay a lot – in cash or in kind.

The internship ended on a brilliant note where we all agreed to keep in touch over professional and personal matters. We gifted the partners a small cake as a token of appreciation on our behalf.

The best things AND the bad things

The best things included the fact that you could volunteer for a specific set of activities and tasks according to your vocation. There was something new to learn every forthcoming day related to research, drafting, commercial and arbitration laws.

The people at Advani and Co. were absolutely amazing in their approach and attitude as they believed in imparting knowledge to the interns relating to new and dynamic areas. If you do good work, you are bound to be appreciated for it. Your work gets acknowledged and you get an extensive review for your submitted tasks.

The bad things included the absence of stipend but honestly, I did not really mind that aspect because there wasn’t enough work to justify the stipend. Also the learning experience was all that mattered to me. However, the Courts were closed so the Court related work was less and I believe I missed out on it.


No stipend.

Accommodation etc. What did you to do chill in and around the office and the place of stay?

I was staying with a friend at her home in Delhi Cantonment which was fairly far away from the area. Most of the interns were staying at their own homes. However, one can find good PG’s near Lagpat Nagar or Jangpura.

I travelled via the DTC buses which costed around Rs.50-60/- per day. The travelling time was around 1 hour one side. The nearest metro station is Green Park. The Nearest bus stops are Anand Lok and Uday Park. There is good connectivity with South Ex-II, Dhaula Kuan, Tara Apartments, Anand Vihar.

The office has compiled a Menu file where all the possible restaurants and their menus have been listed. Some good joints include Jughead’s (Chilly Chicken burger, yum!), Food Connexion, Sai Bhoj etc.

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