Your Name, College, Year of Study, Email ID

Ankita Prakash, DSNLU, 2nd Year

Name of Organisation, Location, Team Strength

Saurabh Ajay Gupta, Additional Advocate General PB, Advocate on Record, Supreme Court, New Delhi

Application Process

One can apply by sending his/her CV with a cover letter at [email protected]

Duration of internship and timings

30 days (in the month of May)

We were asked to report at sharp 9:30 am in Supreme Court. As about leaving it varied person to person.

Girl interns were free to leave after court timing i.e., after 4 pm.

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

First day you will have an introductory session with sir in which you will get acquainted with his working style. He will ask a few details about you, and have a nice free ice-breaking session. You will be asked to read files of upcoming listed matters and also to make note of the cases.

On the very first day, you will get your entry pass for Supreme Court through his clerk, who is also very helpful.

Main tasks

Main work assigned to interns was research work which includes finding judgments fit for arguments and working over different Acts. You will be accompanying sir in Supreme Court where you will get the opportunity to behold sir’s arguments.

Almost every day matters were there in court, you will be required to do briefing of upcoming cases which you have made notes of. You will get the opportunity to go and sit inside the courtroom where you can observe and learn the tricks of the trade and etiquettes of the courtroom.

Work environment and people

Work environment of the office was just awesome, and as relaxed as it could be. You will work and enjoy equally. His office is inside the Supreme Court Old Lawyer’s Chambers (A.K.Sen block).

Co-interns, staff, and everyone were just amazing and very helpful. Sir himself is a very good and calm person as he is very polite to his interns and staff members. You will definitely enjoy working under him.

Best things

As Sir is an associate of Mr. Ram Jethmalani, you can read all the high profile cases which are daily highlighted in media, so it is fun to read and know about those cases.

You will often get the chance to sit with sir and discuss cases or other issues. You also get the opportunity to interact with Mr. Jethmalani and get a taste of his intellectual prowess.

You also get to go to District Courts, attend conferences with clients and attorneys, and go to High Court for cases too!

Bad things

Sometimes I had to spend the whole day only reading files due to vacation of the Supreme Court.



Biggest Lessons

One should be always ready to give his/her best because you never know when will you get an opportunity again.

Any Other Thing

Being a law student working in the premises of Supreme Court is a feeling which can’t be express in words.

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