Internship Experience @ Additional Advocate General, Patna High Court: Lots to Learn, Watch Court Proceedings

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Additional Advocate General, Patna High Court

Application Process

I went through my Teacher’s contacts and I am not aware of the procedure assigned over there for Internship. Randomly people with contacts come.

Duration of internship and timings

13th January, 2012 to 29th January, 2012

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

On my first day, I was quite excited to enter the Patna High court. The room of my lawyer was quite big, attractive and obviously table filled of books which soothes the eye of a law student.

Mr. Pushkar Narain Shahi assigned my internship under his most senior lawyer named Patanjai Rishi( who was student of my Former Principal in GNLU)

Later he briefed me of my timing and work and made me comfortable.

There was no such first day formality & infrastructure was fine!

Main tasks

I was supposed to handle cases on writ side, civil & criminal matters by reading briefs, assisting in drafting pleadings and attending Hearing of Cases.

Task was assigned to me of finding relevant case laws on various topics and even in free time we discussed means or approaches to tackle Legal Problems.

Work environment and people

The work environment was good. Got to learn from lawyers and library. The library is the best place to spend free time.

But at a time you may end up having no work apart from watching the court proceedings.

Best things

I could attend the case hearing by Mr. Pushkar and that made me learn a lot of things.

While others were using flowery language and beating around the bush, he could tackle and argue properly.

Bad things

No work to do. I use to spend my time in hearing proceedings of criminal matters and spend little time in Library.



Biggest Lessons

One should go to High Court after being familiar with basic substantial & procedural laws.

Any Other Thing

Mr. Patanjanli Rishi is renowned lawyer and he cleared my doubts whenever i asked for help. he was really kind hearted.

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