Internship @ AALI (Association for Advocacy and Legal Initiatives), Lucknow : Work on Women Issues, Enriching Experience, No Stipend

aali internship; Association for Advocacy and Legal Initiatives

Name. College. Year of study. Email ID

Priya Pandey; City Academy Law College, Lucknow; 3rd year L.L.B (Hons.)

Name of the organisation. City. Office Address. How was the office? Team strength.

Association for Advocacy and Legal Initiatives (AALI), Lucknow
407 Dr. Baijnath Road, New Hyderabad Colony, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh – India, 226007

The office was quite efficiently built keeping in mind the usage. The association has two units working, and henceforth the office is built accordingly. The office was quite spacious.

The association has a team strength of 10-12 lady advocates in the Lucknow office and also has offices in Jharkhand, Faizabad, etc.

Duration of internship

June 5- August 20

Application procedure? Internship Contact Details

I mailed my resume, and they contacted and called me for an interview.

Or you can call at 9454767884- Swati

Duration in weeks. Days of work per week. Timings

6 weeks internship; 5days working. 10 a.m.- 6 p.m

First impression, first day, formalities

AALI (Association for Advocacy and Legal Initiatives) primarily works in the sphere of combating violence against women in their domestic or professional lives.

Editor’s note: According to the website “AALI is a feminist legal advocacy and resource group addressing women’s issues through a rights-based perspective.

AALI envisions an egalitarian social system that recognizes women as complete individuals and equal human beings through advocacy for women’s human rights. Our organization undertakes research, activism, and direct response with a strong focus on violence against women and the right to choice in relationship decision-making.”

The first day, I entered the office, I was quite nervous as to the work I would have to do. While I was waiting for the concerned person in the waiting area, Swati Ma’am (as I respectfully call her) came up to me and greeted me very politely. I gained confidence after it.

The day went quite good and I started enjoying my place from that day itself.

I started feeling a part of the association very soon !

Main tasks

On the first day of internship I was briefed about the basic two units- research work unit or the advocacy unit and the case work unit or the Legal Unit, functioning in AALI.

On that day I was introduced to the Research work unit which basically does a research work on social issue concerned with women and children.

It also does media scanning on issues such as right to choice better known as the cases of honor killing, women atrocities, child sexual abuse etc. Then it may even go up to the fact finding of the cases and further more it may also provide help to the victim through legal help.

I was assigned with the work of data entry of newspaper clippings of the issue CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE and I was also to prepare a report on it. I was given the record files of 3 consecutive years from 2010-2012.

And during the course of my internship, I was introduced and assigned work of the case work unit of AALI. I was told that they deal with cases related to gang rape, dowry death, communal violence, child sexual abuse, honor killing and other similar cases.

Along with the work assigned to me I was also asked to assist the case work unit in dealing with the new cases which came to AALI. I was to assist in hearing the plight of the women who approached AALI seeking help and were somehow being made victim of domestic violence.

1. Computerized the records of the news clippings of CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE.

2. Prepared a report on Child Sexual Abuse.4. Prepared a brief on Sonu Prajapati’s case and also did translation

3. Translated the statements as recorded under Section 161 CrPC

4. Translated the various other documents related to cases.

5. Prepared an affidavit on Rs 10/- non -judicial stamp paper.

6. Heared and made a case study of various cases which to us.

In the end, I would like to add a thing, that doing what was assigned to me was a part of my internship, and it was mandatory. But the knowledge and experience which I gained was a bonus to it.

Work environment, people

Before interning at AALI, I had never thought of this social issue with so much interest. Crimes against women, domestic violence or harassment at workplace or honor killings were only read in newspaper and books. I had never seen the brutality of their reality ever.

Working with the case work unit, I saw and tried to assimilate how to approach such sensitive issues without infiltrating the survivor’s personal space, at the same time, maintaining a strong hold on the legal strategy and opinions.

Working with the case work unit was a tremendous experience and never was a day when I went home without learning a thing new. Besides the legal knowledge I got, I also learnt a lot about the office etiquettes.

My internship was an enriching experience and I would like to pay my gratitude and thank the entire staff of AALI. I got to learn a lot and I hope I get to learn new things and deal with such sensitive issues as I came across during my internship here.

The people at AALI are work oriented. They all work passionately to help women. AALI is a women oriented association comprising of only lady employees. Each and every person at AALI is very polite and friendly.

I was never made to feel that I am just an intern for the span of 6 weeks.

The best things AND the bad things

The best thing I felt about AALI was that I did not come across office politics at all.

The working hours made me exhausted at times.


No Stipend

Accommodation etc. What did you to do chill in and around the office and the place of stay?

I stayed at my home. the working hours of AALI was till 6 p.m. And I used to reach home at around 7.

I used to get exhausted at times so I used to doze off early (if in case I have work I used to to it religiously).

The AALI website is here. The internship link is here.

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