’s International Conference on Cyberlaw, Cybercrime and Cybersecurity [17 – 18 Nov, Delhi]: Registration Open

Topics for the International Conference on Cyber Law, Cyber Crime & Cybersecurity 2016

The International Conference on Cyber Law, Cyber Crime & Cybersecurity aimed to examine numerous important aspects pertaining to evolving jurisprudence concerning CyberLaw, CyberCrime and Cybersecurity.

Some of the topics that covered include the following:

  1. Cyber Law 2016 & Beyond
  2. Newly Emerging Cyber crimes
  3. Cyber Security Law
  4. Cyber Citizenship
  5. Cyber Resilience
  6. Blockchain Technology, Blockchain Contracts & Legalities
  7. Globalization of Cyber Terrorism, Cyber Radicalization & Cyber Extremism
  8. Mobiles & Connected Legalities
  9. Darknet
  10. Intermediary Rights and Liability & Their Duties of Data Repositories
  11. Cyber Diplomacy
  12. Big Data & Legalities
  13. Internet Jurisdiction – A Catch 22 Situation
  14. Internet of Things and Trends
  15. Cyber Warfare Connected Legalities
  16. Misuse of Bitcoins for Cybercrime Purposes
  17. Cybercrime & Social Media
  18. Consumer Protection – Need for Nuanced Legal Approaches
  19. Smart Cities & Connected Legalities
  20. Electronic Evidence & Legalities
  21. Cyber Forensics and Connected Legal Issues
  22. Rules of the Road and Norms of Cyberspace
  23. Cyber Peace and Connected Legalities
  24. Convention on Cybercrime of the Council of Europe
  25. Cybersecurity Legislation and Information Sharing
  26. Capacity building and Judges and Cyber Security Professionals Training on Cyberspace Issues
  27. Virtual Reality and Connected Legalities
  28. Law Enforcement Agencies Collaboration and International Cooperation
  29. Cyber Insurance and connected Policy Issues
  30. Mandatory Reporting of Cybercrime and Cybersecurity Breaches
  31. Role of CERTs – the only Nodal Agency for Cybersecurity
  32. Trends for Cyber Security
  33. Surveillance, Interception & Sovereignty
  34. Has Digital Privacy Evaporated Totally?
  35. Digital Defamation, Right To Be Forgotten & Connected Legalities
  36. Net Neutrality Developments Till Date
  37. Internet Governance – Progress So Far & Challenges Ahead
  38. Child Safety and crimes against children on the Internet
  39. International Frameworks- Need for International Collaborations
  40. Geospatial Policy- Need and Sovereignty Implications
  41. Intellectual Property Rights in Cyberspace
  42. Cyber Ethics- Creating Norms and Awareness
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