Univ of Jammu’s Inter-Univ Justice Bodh Raj Sawhny Debating Contest (Feb 27); Register by Feb 7

Topic: “In the opinion of the house, Social Networking Sites Are Sine qua non of Information And Social Cohesion”


Rules And Regulations:

1.  Each University / Institution shall be represented by two students. One shall speak FOR the motion and the other AGAINST the motion.

2.  Each Participant shall be given maximum five (5) minutes to speak. The warning bell shall sound after four minutes and final bell after five minutes.

3.  The participants may speak either in English or in Hindi.

4.  The competitors with written speech shall not be eligible

5.  Three prizes shall be given in the order of merit.

First Prize- Rs.2000 & Momento

Second Prize- Rs.1500 & Momento

Third Prize- Rs.1000 & Momento

6.  The best team shall be awarded Justice Bodhraj Sawhny Memorial Running Trophy shall be responsible for its safe custody and maintenance and shall be handed over to the organizers on time before the holding of next debate.

7.  Participation Certificates shall be awarded to the participants.

8.  The decisions of the judges shall be final and binding upon the participants.

9.  Any act of indiscipline by the participating team shall tantamount to the disqualification of the team.

10. No T.A/D.A shall be paid to the participants by the host institution/organizers. The same shall be borne by the participating Institution. However, free hospitality (boarding and lodging) shall be provided by the host institution, if the intimation is received well in advance.

Full details are here.


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