Ingredients of Mr. Harvey Specter and 10 Lessons You Can Learn from Him

By Nitish Dadhich, 4th year, Law Student from Subodh Law College, Jaipur.

Details in life are full of infinitesimal moments of sheer enlightenment. Mortals can slice deep insights from something they observe rather than merely looking on the street, a story told by friend, a movie, a book, a poem, or, in case of today — a TV show.

Oliver Queen in Arrow brings nostalgia; takes us back to superhero era to educate the power of determination as to what a person can carve out of himself if he wants to. CIA, FBI and INTERPOL are still on a hunt to find a hater of Tyrion Lannister,the imp!  Game of Thrones is something that is the finest been put on the TV after Sachin’s batting !!

The gigantic reflection of modern day top notch law firm –Suits can edify you about ‘sociobusiness’ confidence and tactics of survival in a corporate ambience—especially & remarkably through the character of Harvey Specter.

Every law student watching suits is projecting himself as future Harvey; as successful, as rich and of course the best closer of his city.

Here are few of many life lessons you can glean from Harvey to bolster your social status, though these qualities are not chicken soup for your soul.
1. Carry yourself

Harvey Specter is scrutinized as an amiable, confident and sometimes arrogant man. Harvey doesn’t make an apology for who he is. You’ll discern that people make out this and accepts this fact. He defines his realm.

You won’t see Harvey tormenting about what people think of him be it positive or negative — in fact he’ll sometimes use those negative opinions to his advantage.

2. The thought process

Harvey asks Mike- “What are your choices when someone puts a gun to your head?

Mike responds – “What are you talking about? You do what they say or they shoot you.

Harvey then replies with this golden nugget of a line- “Wrong! You take the gun, or you pull out a bigger one. Or, you call their bluff. Or, you do any 146 other things.

Choosing this mental framework will aid you to get more focused on doing something about the problem rather than wallowing in despair.

How can you apply this in your life?

Take to heart the idea that how the world views you is based on how you view yourself. Operate from your measured sense of what is right and wrong. Meaning if you assign yourself a self-doubter, the world will doubt you.

3. Your Attire

In the first episode of Suits, Harvey says: “People respond to how we’re dressed, so like it or not this is what you have to do.” And he’s exact. We respond to social status signals, for better or worse.

Within seconds people make snap judgments about you, as you do them as well. How you dress your body, and how you move your body — your body language — provides a short cut for others to know your intent.

Simply decide how you want to be perceived and start taking small steps towards behaving and doing things that are aligned with that image of yourself.

4. The Eye Contact

Throughout the series, Harvey is confident enough that he maintains strong eye contact with his clients, colleagues, enemies, and of course attractive women.

Why is this powerful?

Studies of great psychologists and behavior observers like Gerard I. Nierenberg and Maria Konnikova reveals: keeping eye contact with another person, signals many things such as that you’re actually engaged with them, your interest in a person, even how confident you feel.

It empowers you to raid the thoughts of other person, a quality that a lawyer must have a hold on.

5. The Timing

Being the ultimate opportunist Harvey knows the timing. He does not praise others unless they really do something commendable.

This way he prevents himself from getting imposter by others. He is the “Lannister” of suits; he always pays his debts and that too at that very moment that it makes others to owe him.

What you can learn from him is his acute sense of patience which not only facilitates him to win but also to retain his clientele.

6. Keep Moving

Harvey says, “I don’t have dreams, I have goals. Now it’s on to the next one.

We set goals. Sometimes we miss. Sometimes we hit. Even Sachin went for duck several times but that doesn’t defy his master class. We learn from both. We must set our sights forward and take new action toward new goals. This is how businesses grow.

7. Self-Belief

Henry Ford has remarked correctly- Whether you think you can or you can’t you are right.

Harvey Specter’s defining quality is high belief in himself — how self-assured and confident he is in his abilities, mental resources, and disposition.

But this is not greatest of him. What separates his character from the rest is that he knows the fine line splitting confidence and over confidence.

He never overburdens himself; he calls for help from others rather than messing the things up just to show off.

Harvey’s character portrays the fact that ~Vision without action is a daydream but action without vision is a nightmare.

Harvey Specter is not only a super psychoanalyst or clergyman; as an action-taking lawyer clubbed with businessmind, who gets things done, he’s a flabbergasting textbook.

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